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25 April 2016 | OEM
The milestone figure was achieved over 27
years, with mass-production of the MX-5
starting at Ujina Plant No. 1 in Hiroshima in
April 1989.
“From the first generation through to
today’s fourth-generation model, the reason
we have been able to continue selling the
MX-5 all these years is due to the strong
support of fans around the world,” said
Masamichi Kogai, Representative Director,
President and CEO. “Mazda was founded
in Hiroshima 96 years ago, and as we move
toward our centennial year we will continue
offering customers the joy of driving with
this model, which has become a symbol of
our brand. Mazda aims to create a special
bond with customers and become a ‘one-
and-only’ brand they will choose again and
As a way of expressing thanks to MX-5
fans and owners, the one-millionth MX-5
will be displayed at fan events in Japan and
around the world. The tour begins on May 3
at the Hiroshima Flower Festival where the
car will participate in the Flower Parade, and
will make its way to Canada towards the end
of the summer.
The MX-5 is a symbol of Mazda’s car-
making philosophy and tireless pursuit of
driving pleasure. Since its debut in 1989, the
model has consistently offered driving fun
that can only be experienced in a lightweight
sports car and won the admiration of people
from various countries, cultures and age
groups. The MX-5 is also critically acclaimed,
with over 200 awards from around the
globe to its name. The fourth-generation
model released last year has won a string of
awards, including 2015-2016 Car of the Year
Japan, World Car of the Year and World Car
Design of the Year 2016.
The MX-5 has held the Guinness World
Record1 for the best-selling open-top two-
seater sports car for many years. With
the achievement of one million units of
production, Mazda will now attempt to break
its own record.
SEATcelebrates 15years inMexico
with thepresentationof theAteca
22 April 2016 | OEM
SEAT has sold nearly 300,000 cars since it
was established there in 2001.
This year SEAT is commemorating the
15th anniversary of its installation in Mexico,
a country that has become a key market in
the Spanish brand’s strategy since 2001, and
today is the fourth largest in sales volume,
surpassed only by Germany, Spain and the
UK. In 2015, SEAT sold a total of 24,148
cars in Mexico, and closed the year with its
second best historic sales result and the
fifth year of consecutive growth. In the first
quarter of 2016, SEAT deliveries in Mexico
are growing at a steady pace, posting a 4.4%
increase at over 6,100 units sold.
SEAT ExecutiveCommittee President Luca
de Meo participated in the main celebratory
event of the brand’s 15th anniversary in
Mexico, which was held in Puebla, the
company’s local headquarters. Luca de Meo
highlighted that: “Mexico is a key country for
SEAT and has made a decisive contribution
to the increase in worldwide sales. With the
launch of the Ateca and the renewal and
expansion of our range, we will be well-
equipped to continue the sustained growth
path in Mexico we have experienced in
recent years.”
For his part, the brand’s director in Mexico,
Edgar Estrada, explained that: “SEAT has
one of the most interesting product ranges
on the Mexican market and is diversifying
into new segments. Our products offer
customers an appealing combination of
technology, connectivity and excellent cost-
effectiveness.” “We are certainly delighted
with our achievements to date and for this
reason we’re steadily working towards
continued,” he concluded.
Members of the dealer network, SEAT
Mexico headquarters staff and the media
attended the event, which ended with the
appearance of the new SEAT Ateca, shown
for the first time outside Europe. Sales of the
Ateca will begin in Mexico in the first quarter
of 2017 and are expected to give the brand
a whole new momentum. In this sense, Luca
de Meo underlined that: “the Ateca is a
vehicle that will take us to the next level. The
Ateca is SEAT’s ambition for growth in a new
segment with a high contribution margin.
We are very pleased with the way it’s being
received and are convinced that customer
response in Mexico will also be extremely
The SUV segment grew by 20% in Mexico
in 2015 and already accounts for one of
every five vehicles currently sold in the
country. In addition, this year in Mexico SEAT
will launch special 15th anniversary editions
of the Ibiza, Leon and Toledo, the three
models being sold in the Mexican market
through a network of 59 dealerships located
across the country.
Ford recyclesenoughaluminumtobuild30,000F-150bodieseverymonth
22 April 2016 | OEM
The toughest, smartest, most capable and
safest F-150 ever is also the greenest F-150
– thanks to advanced materials like high-
strength, military-grade aluminum alloy and
EcoBoost engine technology.
Truck to aluminium Ford recycles as
much as 20 million pounds of aluminum
stamping scrap per month using the closed-
loop system at Dearborn Truck Plant,
which builds F-150. That is the equivalent
of more than 30,000 F-150 bodies in the
largest configuration – a SuperCrew body
including doors, plus hood, tailgate and
6.5-foot cargo box.
Opting for aluminum over steel in new
automobile construction is the best way to
reduce energy consumption and carbon
emissions, according to Oak Ridge National
Recycled aluminum avoids 95% of the
greenhouse gas emissions associated
with primary aluminum production. It uses
significantly less energy and water –
another reason Ford F-150 leads the full-
size truck pack in terms of lifetime carbon
footprint, according to Automotive Science
Weight savings from aluminum alloy
helps F-150 reduce its lifetime emissions
compared to the previous steel-body
version. Between 30% and 40% of a typical
aluminum coil is turned into scrap in the
stamping process. This is recycled into new
metal for the truck using the closed-loop
When equipped with the available
2.7-litre EcoBoost with standard Auto Start-
Stop technology, F-150 4x2 has best-in-
class EPA-estimated gasoline fuel economy
ratings of 19 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and
22 mpg combined (actual mileage will vary).
F-150 SuperCrew and SuperCab with
available collision warning are the only
trucks in their class to earn a Top Safety
Pick from Insurance Institute for Highway
Safety. F-150 also is the only full-size, light-
duty truck to earn National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration’s highest rating, a
five-star overall vehicle score and five-
star rating for driver and passenger for all
crash test modes and cab configurations –
SuperCrew, SuperCab and Regular Cab.
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