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ThenewMichelinXLineEnergy tyres
23 November 2015 | Tier Suppliers
The new Michelin X Line Energy Front and
X Line Energy D2 tyres presented at the
IAA 2014 international exhibition have been
approved by Mercedes-Benz for its new
Actros truck dedicated to long-distance
These tyres are available at customer
request for the new Mercedes-Benz Actros
trucks to be shipped as from January 2016.
Designed for the steering axle, the drive
axle and the trailer axles, the Michelin X
Line Energy Front, D2 and Trailer tyre range
constitutes the first entire rig fitment to
obtain the A-rating for energy efficiency in
line with European labeling standards. With
more than 700,000 tyres sold since January
2013, the new range is proving its worth
by enabling long-distance haulers to make
significant fuel savings. This means that
haulage companies will be able to choose
the first fitments on the market with a triple-A
rating for rolling resistance on every vehicle
axle. These fitments will enable them to
save one litre of fuel every 100 km (for 2.66
kg fewer CO2 emissions over the same
distance), compared to the BBA-rated tyres.
This represents an average saving of
€1610 in fuel and 3724 kg in CO2 emissions
over the initial life of the tyres (i.e.: before
any regrooving or retreading). These gains
are obtained while maintaining the other
Michelin performance standards, such as
safety and high mileage.
factoryproduces 100millionthTyre
20 November 2015 | Tier Suppliers
The Sumitomo Rubber Group has announced that its Changshu (China) tyre production
plant has produced its one-hundred-millionth tyre to date. The announcement was made
on November 14.
Since beginning operations in April
of 2004, Changshu Factory has steadily
expanded the scale of its production
activities as it supplied an ever greater
number of high-performance tyres for
the Chinese domestic market and then to
various countries throughout the world. As a
result, Changshu Factory produced its one-
hundred-millionth tyre to date on Saturday,
November 14.
To commemorate this milestone, a
ceremony was held on the factory’s grounds
on November 17 with around 40 people
in attendance, including CEO Yamada of
Sumitomo Rubber (Changshu) and Executive
Director Kuroda from the parent company,
Sumitomo Rubber Industries. During the
ceremony, Executive Director Kuroda gave a
speech in which he remarked: “The Chinese
market is one of the most important markets
for the Sumitomo Rubber Group, as it holds
the key to our future growth. I hope that
Changshu Factory will continue to provide
high-performance, high-quality tyres that
meet the needs of our customers while
striving to earn a place among the best tyre
factories in the world.”
The Sumitomo Rubber Group believes
that “Changshu Factory’s recent production
of its 100 millionth tyre is not only the result
of their continuous efforts to improve quality
over the past 12 years, but also thanks to
the wide-ranging support that the factory
has earned from both customers and local
residents through its various activities to
contribute to its community. In the future,
Sumitomo Rubber (Changshu) will continue
to grow and develop by producing and
selling high-performance, high-quality tyres
while striving to be a company that earns
the trust and reliance of its community and
of society at large.”
OldHall Performance introducesgroundbreaking
ENER-COREEC50ATseat insert
20 November 2015 | Tier Suppliers
The Coventry-based supplier of high-quality
automotive performance products returns
once again to the Autosport Engineering
Show next year to launch its recently
homologated and FIA-approved seat insert
The EC 50 is the first seat insert of its
kind to meet both driver impact and fire
resistance tests. It exceeds stringent FIA
specifications for driver safety and such is
the groundbreaking nature of the product,
it can also be used for additional head
protection in race car seats.
Old Hall Performance’s new seat insert
has already proven itself at the highest level
of motorsport having been used by LMP1
teams at this year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans.
EC 50 can be moulded by Old Hall
Performance and is manufactured using
a highly advanced, fire-resistant and self-
extinguishing EA urethane foam (4.7lb/cubic
foot) that can operate at temperatures of
up to 205-degrees Celsius. To meet FIA
regulations the EC 50 was shown to not
melt or drip when exposed to extreme
temperatures making it one of the safest
seat inserts currently available.
Over a quarter of a century, Autosport
International has established itself as
Europe’s premier pre-season show where
the industry comes together to showcase the
latest available groundbreaking technology
and establish long-lasting business contacts
ahead of the new motorsport season.
Autosport International will mark the
first time that Old Hall Performance will
showcase the innovative EC 50 to the public
and affords race teams and racing drivers
the opportunity to discuss their bespoke
requirements with the expert team from Old
Hall Performance.
EC 50 is available in kit form allowing
independent teams and drivers to create
a professional seat without the need for
special tools. Furthermore, the insert can
be moulded by Old Hall Performance to fit
complex shapes, seat designs and individual
driver body shapes.
In addition to attending the two-
day Autosport Engineering trade show,
the adjacent Trade and Technical area
of Autosport International provides
engineers, decisions makers and other
industry professional further networking
opportunities with a number of the
world’s most respected companies such
as Öhlins Racing, Miltek Sport and Quaife
ZFTRW’snewcentreairbag targets
futureside impact requirements
20 November 2015 | Tier Suppliers
ZF TRW has developed a new airbag that
is designed to help vehicle manufacturers
improve side impact protection. It is
integrated into the inner side of the seat
back and deploys to help protect the head,
shoulder and torso areas.
The centre airbag helps to protect
occupants in ‘far-side’ and ‘near-side’ crashes
by deploying a bag cushion between the
driver and front seat passenger. In the event
of a far-side impact, where an oncoming
vehicle or object strikes the opposite side of
the vehicle to the driver with sufficient force,
the centre airbag helps keep the driver in
place. It can minimise side displacement of
the driver and reduce the risk of interaction
of the driver with the front seat passenger or
surrounding structural vehicle interior parts.
Dirk Schultz, Global Engineering Director,
ZF TRW Inflatable Restraints Systems said:
“The risk to far-side occupants during side
impact crashes is significant. Accident
research shows that in the U.S., nearly
30% of side impact fatalities involve far
side events, and in Germany, nearly 30% of
severely injured occupants in side crashes
resulted from a far side collisions.”
The centre airbag module is equipped
with a hybrid inflator and uses one-piece-
woven bag or sewn cushion technology.
The modules can be designed to meet
the many different OEM vehicle design
choices including a tether mechanism
which promotes a triangular shape upon
“We are experiencing rising interest in
this new airbag technology and Euro NCAP
is currently assessing new side impact
test protocols for 2018 and beyond,” said
Schultz. “If implemented, we believe that
many new vehicles could require far-side
airbag modules.”
ZF TRW’s solution could help meet
such future requirements. The company is
already involved in several development
programmes and research studies with
vehicle manufacturers.
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