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18 November 2015 | OEM
Mazda UK has moved into a new
headquarters building in Crossways
Business Park near Dartford, Kent. The
25,000sq ft three-story head office building
comes at the end of a year that has seen
Mazda enjoy an unprecedented year of new
model launches.
With one of the youngest model line ups
in the industry, the last 12 months has seen
the debut of the all-new Mazda2, the all-new
Mazda CX-3 and the all-new Mazda MX-5,
plus updated model year versions of the
Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5.
Commenting on the new headquarters
building, Mazda Motors UK Managing
Director Jeremy Thomson said: “the new
building may only be a few hundred yards
away from our old office but it’s a world
away in terms of design, technology and
environmental credentials. Our dealers have
been investing in our brand and our new
corporate identity, so designed with them
in mind, this building is an unapologetic
equivalent of the changes they have made.
It has been designed to ensure that the
people inside and outside our organisation
deliver a great customer experience.”
Housed over three floors, Mazda’s new
UK headquarters combine showroom space
with light, airy and modern offices. On the
ground floor the showroom space replicates
the premium look and feel Mazda’s 137
dealerships are moving towards. Sharing
its floor tiles, furniture and lighting with
the latest Mazda franchise specification,
the unique headquarters showroom can
be transformed into a 160-seat conference
space and features hi-tech audio visual
equipment. Designed to be used for dealer,
fleet, media and customer events, the
showroom is complemented by a flexible
boardroom that doubles as a 60 person
entertaining space when opened out to an
area that houses heritage vehicles.
“Open to the public in office hours Monday
to Friday, our brand ambassadors will be on
hand to welcome Mazda customers and
guests to our new headquarters showroom,
which has been designed to allow access to
our cars and generate leads for our dealers.
We’ll be able to refer people for test drives
and make a perfect statement about the
Mazda brand,” commented Mazda UK Sales
Director, Peter Allibon.
Built with sustainability in mind, Mazda’s
new headquarters feature 100% LED lighting,
while the carpet in the meeting rooms and
break-out spaces is made from recycled
fishing nets. The Plexwood used on the
building’s core is sourced from sustainable
forests, while the Millboard decking used
externally looks like authentic timber but is
kinder to the environment.
With the upper two floors containing open-
plan, modern and welcoming office spaces
that are designed to create an energised and
creative working environment, Mazda’s new
UK headquarters aim to connect the people
working in the building with the brand.
“Within Mazda UK we want our people to
deliver a great customer experience, so
the environment in the building reflects
this, enabling our people to deliver on that
customer expectation,” commented Mazda’s
HR Director, Chris Clark.
Adding: “We’ve made sure the working
lives of our people are made easy and we’ve
focused on making Mazda a great place to
work. Mazda UK is a successful business
and we’re growing, the building is future
proofed to ensure it continues to serve us
well as we grow.”
In addition to its practical benefits,
Mazda’s new headquarters will also act
as a powerful advert for the brand. Before
the end of the year the flagship building
will be topped off by a seven metre wide
illuminated Mazda roof sign that will be seen
by the 140,000 vehicles a day that use the
Dartford Crossing.
“Our new office environment celebrates
our heritage, yet reflecting how progressive
we are as a brand, it also hails our future,”
commented Mazda UK Marketing Director,
Claire Andrews. “The concept of ‘a fusion
of ideas sparks innovation’ is bought to
life in our brand immersion tunnel, where
we share Mazda’s vehicle design story and
unique technological approach. In addition,
each meeting room has been designed to
bring to life a Mazda milestone and in the
lunch area a mural featuring every member
of the team recognises our Mazda spirit.”
Navarawins international
18 November 2015 | OEM
Nissan has announced that the all-new Nissan NP300 Navara is the winner of the
coveted International Pick-up Award 2016 at a ceremony in Lyon, France. Production
commenced in Nissan’s Barcelona plant this month.
fought off stiff competition from Mitsubishi
L200 and Ford Ranger with judges
praising its superior on-road and off-road
capabilities, strong engine performance
and payload capacity.
The all-new NP300 Navara underwent
the rigorous International Pick-up testing
process, being judged for its off-road
ability, on-road performance and its value
for money. The pick-ups were also tested
on their ability as a workhorse, which
included comparing towing capabilities.
The new NP300 Navara delivers
refinement while maintaining the Navara’s
acclaimed off-road ability, durability and
load capacity.
Its robust chassis introduces a host of
new features, including an all-new five-
link rear suspension for the Double Cab
model and an impressive load bed, which
is 67mm longer than the previous model.
The wealth of innovative and affordable
in-car technology such Around View
Monitor (AVM) and Forward Emergency
Braking (FEB), designed to further improve
driveability and practicality, are also
unique to the pick-up market.
Philippe Guérin-Boutaud, Corporate
Vice President Nissan LCV BU, said: “This
prestigious award celebrates Nissan’s
80 years of pick-up expertise. Rigorous
testing by International Pick-up of the
Year illuminated the tough and innovative
character of the all-new Navara.”
“Nissan is best known by its customers
in Europe as the maker of capable 4x4s
and breakthrough crossovers. This new
Navara represents the fusion of those
two realms of excellence to deliver a
truly breakthrough pickup truck that
combines rugged 4x4 toughness with
the sophistication and efficiency of a
Crossover,” added Ponz Pandikuthira,
Director of Light Commercial Vehicles for
Nissan Europe.
“It is truly an honour to be selected as
the International Pickup of the Year by a
panel of the most experienced commercial
vehicle journalists across Europe. Thank
you to the IPU jurors for this award and
for this powerful endorsement of the new
Nissan Navara’s product excellence.”
Production of the all-new NP300
Navara began in Barcelona this month. It
goes on sale across Europe from January
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