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Successful year 2015 forDaimler India
Commercial Vehicles
15 February 2016 | OEM
Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) looks back on a successful year 2015. Domestic
sales increased by 37% to 14,000 units on the strength of the BharatBenz brand’s powerful
product lineup.
Following its market launch in September
2012, Daimler’s Indian truck and bus
brand has introduced 20 products so far
in its mission to transform the country’s
Commercial Vehicle segment, with more to
follow. Far more than 30,000 BharatBenz
vehicles with the hallmark value-for-money
proposition have since been delivered to
customers, an unprecedented volume-ramp
up in the industry.
Erich Nesselhauf, Managing Director
and CEO of Daimler India Commercial
Vehicles, said: “2015 has been another
successful year for us. With our portfolio
of modern trucks, we have powered ahead
on our growth course domestically in India
and in our export business. This success
was made possible thanks to the excellent
contributions of the entire team and our
Demand for BharatBenz products in 2015
rose especially in the heavy-duty segment.
New tailored applications for the mining and
the construction segments, such as the highly
recognized BharatBenz 3143 CM, resonated
well with customers. This exemplifies the
strategic direction to introduce an entire
family of special purpose vehicles in order
to take on other parts of this segment. At the
same time, the company’s FUSO-branded
export business - as part of Daimler Trucks
Asia - continued to grow favorably.
Commenting on the company’s outlook
for 2016, Nesselhauf continued: “With
generations hitting the market in 2016,
we are committed to sustainably grow
our business as part of Daimler Trucks
Asia. Both in the medium and heavy-duty
segment we will once more raise standards
and customer value. At the same time,
Indian-made FUSO trucks will play a key role
in opening up important growth markets in
Asia, Africa, and Latin America.”
BACMonowithnewchassis tooffer
morecockpit space
15 February 2016 | OEM
BAC has continued its approach of constant improvement and turned up the style in the
cockpit of its bespoke Mono supercar, while a new wider chassis has added a generous
amount of extra space.
The chassis has been redesigned, to
move the sides of the tubular steel safety
cell outwards, while new, slimmer side
panels make even more of the changes.
The changes have come about thanks
to BAC’s close relationship and ongoing
communication with its customers. The re-
engineering of the chassis brings 25mm of
extra space on either side, while the new
panels bring another 3mm on both sides of
the driver. Overall, this means there is now
a total of 56mm extra width in the Mono’s
However, the changes are all under the
surface of the Mono, meaning that the car’s
exterior dimensions remain the same. As
a result, the Mono’s precisely engineered
aerodynamics are unchanged, as are the
car’s phenomenal handling abilities. The
breath-taking performance levels are also
untouched by the changes, so the Mono
retains its 2.8sec 0-60mph time, and top
speed of 170mph.
Customers also now have the option
of new side panels, which are made from
visible carbon fibre, and make the most of
the available space. The bespoke attention
to detail continues elsewhere in the cockpit,
with each buyer getting a custom-fitted
driver’s seat and steering wheel.
BAC co-founder Ian Briggs said: “Every
change we make to the Mono is aimed at
improving it for our customers, and this
upgrade is intended to make the most of
the space for the driver. Thanks to the close
relationship we enjoy with our customers,
we are in regular dialogue with them and
this change has come as a result of this. The
changes will widen the appeal of the Mono,
particularly as we expand into new markets
such as America and the Far East.”
The new, wider chassis Mono will be on
sale from summer 2016.
Mercedes-BenzKecskemét plant produces500,000thpassenger car
15 February 2016 | OEM
500,000 vehicles have officially rolled off the production line at the Mercedes-Benz plant
in Kecskemét, Hungary, since the plants opening on March 29, 2012.
“The Mercedes-Benz plant Kecskemét,
together with the lead plant in Rastatt,
Germany, makes an important contribution
to growth in our compact-car segment.
In Kecskemét, with the CLA and the CLA
Shooting Brake, we produce two models
exclusively for the world market,” said
Markus Schäfer, Member of the Divisional
Board of Management of Mercedes-
Benz Cars, Production and Supply Chain
Management. To celebrate the production
anniversary, the Hungarian Prime Minister
Viktor Orbán visited the plant. At the same
time, he took the opportunity to personally
meet the new CEO and Site Manager,
Christian Wolff.
Besides Orbán, Szemereyné Pataki
Klaudia, Mayor of Kecskemét; István
Lepsényi, Secretary of State for Economic
Development and Economic Regulation
from the Department of Trade and Industry;
as well as János Nagy, Secretary of State,
were part of the meeting.
The 500,000th passenger car from
Kecskemét is a cosmos black CLA, which
is going to a Hungarian customer. “The
production anniversary is a success
achieved together by our workforce of over
4,000 people. Our qualified experts and
dedicated employees produce passenger
cars in top-quality. The Mercedes-Benz plant
Kecskemét continues to have a very good
perspective with its successful products. We
are planning to further develop the location
on a continuous basis. Currently, €15
million are invested in an innovative logistic
concept,” said Christian Wolff, who has been
CEO and Site Manager of Mercedes-Benz
Manufacturing Hungary Kft. since January
1 2016. Wolff also expressed the company’s
gratitude to all its Hungarian partners in
politics, administration and society, and in
particular to the city of Kecskemét, for the
on-going and constructive partnership.
The Kecskemét plant largely contributes
to the international success of Mercedes-
Benz with its production of the B-Class, the
CLA and the CLA Shooting Brake. The CLA
and the CLA Shooting Brake are produced
exclusively in Kecskemét for all markets
worldwide. The compact cars are continuing
on the road to success at Mercedes-Benz:
In January, 45,840 customers decided to
buy an A-Class, B-Class, CLA, CLA Shooting
Brake or GLA, representing a 35.9% increase
in unit sales compared with the same month
last year. One year ago, the number of
compact models delivered to customers
worldwide increased by 25.8%, to a total of
582,531 passenger cars.
“We are proud to state that the Mercedes-
Benz models from Kecskemét with their
innovative technologies are already sold
in more than 180 countries. These models
are likewise extremely popular in Hungary.
Year after year, more and more domestic
customers are choosing to buy passenger
cars produced at this location,” stated Jörg
Schmidt, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Hungária
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