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20 October 2014
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October 17, 2014
Altera Corporation has unveiled nine new Altera Enpirion power system-on-chip (PowerSoC)
devices that fully comply with the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC-Q100) qualification
standard temperature grade 2, a critical stress test qualification for automotive integrated
circuits (ICs).
Altera, which produces programmable
solutions to enable designers of electronic
systems, says its newly qualified Enpirion
devices include step-down PowerSoCs from
the EP53xx and efficiency-optimised EN63xx
families, supporting load currents up to 12
amps. Unlike discrete power products, these
turnkey solutions give designers complete
power systems that are fully simulated,
characterised and production-qualified,
streamlining the design-in process and
making it much faster.
These pre-tested power solutions are
ideal for use with Altera’s automotive-
grade Cyclone FPGAs and SoCs and MAX
FPGAs and CPLDs. As Dan McNamara,
vice president of Altera’s Automotive
Business Unit, explains: “Our automotive-
grade Enpirion PowerSoCs are specified,
simulated, characterised, validated and
manufacturing-tested as a complete power
system. Fewer components and tightly-
controlled IC manufacturing processes
permit an unsurpassed 45,000-year mean
time between failures (MTBF) reliability. By
designing with these optimised, proven
solutions, our customers can simplify their
semiconductor supply chain, minimise bill of
materials and accelerate time to market.”
Higher frame rates
ADAS designers are increasingly turning
to FPGAs to run their algorithms at higher
frame rates, process multiple algorithms
simultaneously and adapt to the latest trends.
This makes thermal performance, energy
efficiency, integration and small footprint
critical attributes to a winning design. By
integrating the inductors, high-frequency
filter capacitors, controller, and MOSFETs,
Altera’s Enpirion PowerSoCs typically have a
25 to 50 percent smaller footprint compared
to alternative discrete switching regulators
and modules.
Altera is the only programmable logic
supplier to offer both FPGAs and PowerSoCs
to the automotive market, making it easier
for customers to leverage Altera as a one-
stop shop for their automotive designs.
Altera Enpirion PowerSoCs offer up to 96
percent peak efficiency and are ideal for
the following applications:
Infotainment and driver information—
Head units, display interfaces, instrument
clusters, head-up displays (HUDs), human-
machine interface (HMI) technology, and
rear-seat entertainment (RSE) systems.
surround view systems, radar, light
detection and ranging (LIDAR), rear-view
cameras, e-mirrors (electronic mirrors) and
telematics (V2X) applications.
Electric vehicle and powertrain—Engine
control unit (ECU), battery management
systems, motor control, power conversion
(DC/DC, AC/DC) and adaptive suspension.
Faurecia -MichiganMinority
Supplier of theYear
October 17, 2014
Faurecia North America has been named Corporation of the Year in theManufacturing
Level II category, and Faurecia’s Glenn Donell was designated National Buyer of the
Year by the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council (MMSDC). The honours
were announced this week at the 31st Annual MMSDC Awards Ceremony in Detroit.
Glenn Donell is the Director
of Purchasing for North America
Transportation and Tool & Equipment
for New Programs with Faurecia North
America’s Automotive Seating unit, where
he has launched several new major
programs to meet purchasing timelines,
lead-time deadlines and business-plan
financial objectives. Donell is pursuing
his certification in Senior Professional in
Supply Management (SPSM).
Faurecia North America has established
formal criteria and processes for
identifying and approving its own minority
suppliers. Among the requirements
Certification by a regional affiliate
council of the National Minority
Canadian Aboriginal and Minority
Supplier Council or the Women’s
Business Enterprise National Council.
TS16949 (formerly QS 9000) registered
ISO 9000 registered.
Electronic Data Interchange capable.
Ability to meet cost, quality, delivery
and technology requirements.
competitive benefit.
In business at least three years with
proven financial and operating results
Not a pass-through entity.
In winning the MMSDC awards,
Faurecia has demonstrated its leadership
in meeting the council’s standards for its
honoured recipients, including:
Active inclusion of certified minority.
suppliers in the procurement process
Assisting in the development of
minority suppliers.
Promoting supplier diversity and
business development within the
corporation and to its vendors, as
well as to other businesses and
October 17, 2014
Demonstrating itself as a global leader in climate protection, MAN has again scored
top marks for its commitment to environmental protection and against climate change.
The truckmaker’s efforts have been recognised in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)
organisation’s most important climate protection index worldwide.
With 97 out of a possible 100 points in
the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index,
and an A grade in the Climate Performance
Leadership Index, MAN even secured a top
spot in the “Industrials” sector.
The CDP analysts especially appreciated
MAN’s efforts to implement its climate
strategy, in which the company has set itself
the target of cutting CO2 emissions at its
production sites by 25 percent (compared
with the base year of 2008) by 2020.
MAN already saved over 77,000 tons of
greenhouse gas emissions in 2013, which is
14 percent less than 2008.
Crucial element
This result is due to a large number of
measures, which include more efficient
production technologies, optimised heating
and ventilation systems, and the use of
renewable energy sources. Furthermore,
generation of its own energy and certification
of the foundry at the Augsburg site in line
with the ISO 50 001 energy management
standard is also seen as a crucial element.
MAN’s product portfolio offers it the
greatest leverage for reducing global CO2
emissions. It is for this reason that the
truckmaker is concentrating on continuously
reducing the resources that its products
consume, boosting its efficiency, and
reducing its CO2 emissions. One example
of this is the TGX EfficientLine 2 that MAN
presented recently at the IAA Commercial
Vehicles trade fair in Hanover, which is a new
edition of its long-haul truck model that is
designed to consistently save fuel and CO2.
The vehicle’s features include the
proactive GPS-controlled cruise control
EfficientCruise, saving 6.6 percent more fuel
again compared with its predecessor, which
was very efficient anyhow. In the area of gas-
driven power plant engines, MAN Diesel &
Turbo says it is is setting new standards with
the 35/44G: with an electrical efficiency of
47.3 percent, the 10.6 MW engine is the most
efficient engine in its class.
Carbon Disclosure Project
As MAN SE’s Chief Human Resources
Officer Jochen Schumm explains: “Climate
change is one of the greatest challenges
facing mankind. MAN is conscious of its
responsibility to play a part in reducing global
CO2 emissions in the transportation and
energy sector. We have taken this challenge
on in our Climate Strategy.
“Through the Carbon Disclosure Project,
we have managed to provide visibility into
our greenhouse gas emissions and work
further on reducing them in our products
and at our sites,” continues Schumm. “The
CDP award has made us very proud since
this recognition for our work in the field of
sustainability is a success for our entire
The Carbon Disclosure Project is an
independent, not-for-profit organisation that
manages the world’s largest database for
company-related environmental information.
Commissioned by 767 institutional investors
with assets worth 87 billion US dollars, the
CDP motivates listed companies worldwide
to share their climate-related company
information with the CDP.
Commenting on MAN’s commitment to
climate protection, Paul Simpson, Chief
Executive Officer of the Carbon Disclosure
Project, says: “Global greenhouse gas
emissions continue to rise and we face steep
financial risk if we do not mitigate them. The
business case for action to mitigate climate
change has never been stronger or more
“For this reason we congratulate those
businesses that have scored an A grade in
the CDP Climate Performance Leadership
Index. These companies are responding
to market demand for environmental
accountability and at the same time are
making progress towards the realisation of
sustainable economies.”
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