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20 October 2014
automotive purchasing
£3.5billionsupplier contracts roll outwithnewLandRover
October 17, 2014
Halewood workforce celebrates first
production Land Rover Discovery Sport
to roll off the production line, securing
£3.5billion in new UK supply contracts.
Two weeks after making its motor show
debut, the first Land Rover Discovery Sport
has rolled off the Halewood production line,
marking another significant milestone in
Jaguar Land Rover’s product offensive which
will see the company deliver 50 significant
product actions over the next five years.
The new Discovery Sport, the world’s
most versatile and capable premium
compact SUV, is the first member of the new
Discovery family. Discovery Sport features
5+2 seating in a footprint no larger than
existing 5-seat premium SUVs and will go on
sale in 170 markets in early 2015.
The latest model in the Land Rover line-
up has created 250 new manufacturing jobs
following a £200million investment in the
Halewood plant. The impact of Discovery
Sport has also been positively felt within
the UK supply chain where £3.5billion
in contracts have been awarded to 55
Many of the companies supplying
components to Jaguar Land Rover havemade
long-term investments in their production
facilities, safeguarding and creating over
1,000 jobs in the UK supply chain.
Ian Harnett, Jaguar Land Rover’s
Purchasing Director said: “A strong,
competitive supply chain, meeting our
rigorous cost and delivery metrics, is
fundamental to the sustainable growth of
our business. With many more new products
in the pipeline, gearing up to supply Jaguar
Land Rover is a solid business proposition.”
The Halewood plant, which is already
home to the company’s fastest selling model
of all time - the Range Rover Evoque, has
seen investment in the site more than double
and workforce treble over the last four years
with 4,750 people now employed at the site.
Richard Else, Jaguar Land Rover
Halewood Operations Director said: “Today
marks another incredibly proud moment for
the Halewood plant, its workforce and the
region as a whole.
“The decision to build the Land Rover
Discovery Sport here at Halewood is a
testament to our tremendous team who
are committed to delivering outstanding
customer quality as demonstrated by
the award winning Range Rover Evoque.
Investment in the plant since 2011 now
stands at £500million and has most recently
been demonstrated with the installation of a
£45million state-of-the-art Aida servo press
line which provided the backdrop to today’s
toTheUnipartWay,whichhasbeenevolving since1988
andhasutterly transformedourbusiness.
toDorman, theUK’s leadingmanufacturerof LED rail
toourarrival in the top tenofBusiness in the
Community’sCorporateResponsibility Index.
whichwebought in1999 to createUnipartRail.
to the80graduate traineesand40apprentices
we’vewelcomed since2006.
toSky,ourpartners since2009atour logistics
and repair centre inBaginton.
to the studentsatCoventryUniversity studyingatour
AdvancedEngineeringandManufacturing Institute.
Wehelped themmake savingsofover£400million.
toAmerica’s truckers, customersofour
toUnipartAutomotive, the carparts
networkwe sold in2011.
toVodafone,withwhomUnipartTechnology Logistics
setupadistributionand repair centre inNuneaton in2006.
inMandarin,Cantonese,Hindi,Gujarati,Arabicand severalother languages
to themenandwomenwho runourbusinessesaround theworld.
to theunprecedented sixSwordsofHonour,
awarded tousby theBritishSafetyCouncil in2013.
toToyota,who in2012appointedus to
handle theirdistributionoperations in India.
to twomore factories inCoventry,
createdbyourbiggest investment for25 years.
to the30NHS trusts thathaveengagedus
in the seven years since then.
distribution to theUK’sHyundaiandKiadealers.
to the2,500+winnersofourMark inActionawards,whichhave
been recognisingoutstanding customer service for25 years.
toSiemensRailSystems,who in2012 renewed
our logistics contract fora further ten years.
toTata,owner since2008of
our long-standing client, Jaguar LandRover.
to the JohnRadcliffeHospital,whoawardedusour
toQoros,who this yearaskedus tohandle their
supply chainacrossChina for theirnew rangeof cars.
We don’t like to say goodbye.
Since we bid adieu to British Leyland in 1987, we’ve become far more
accustomed to saying hello. There’s something about our unique way
of working – The Unipart Way – that attracts: people, innovative ideas,
new ventures and new business. Over the last 27 years we’ve utterly
transformed our business. If you’d like to hear how we could transform
yours, email
and say hello.
to theelectronic coachingbreakthrough in2013
that facilitated rapidglobal teachingofTheUnipartWay.
toBritish Leyland,whichwe
boughtourselvesoutof in1987.
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