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20 October 2014
automotive purchasing
Daciacelebrates ten-
year salesmilestone
October 15, 2014
Dacia is enjoying the significant milestone
in its history of having sold 3 million
vehicles in the past decade.
On Tuesday, October 14, Dacia’s stand
at the 2014 Paris Motor Show provided the
backdrop for a ceremony that saw Spanish
client, Andres Palomo Paz, receive the keys
to a brand new Dacia Sandero Stepway –
the three-millionth Dacia to be sold since
2004 – from Nicolas Wertans, Renault
Group SVP Global Sales.
Romanian based Dacia has been
transformed in just a few years into a
successful brand by Renault. According to
the car manufacturer, in the first half of the
current year, the company has sold 24.4
percent more cars while in the first half of
2014, Dacia has seen the most significant
growth in Europe, with 36.2 percent. The
Dacia Logan remains the best sold model
produced in Mioveni, Romania, after the
long forgotten 1300.
“Dacia has now sold three million
vehicles since the brand’s renewal merely
10 years ago, and that’s something of a
unique achievement in today’s automobile
industry!” said Wertans. “The Dacia brand
has built a strong bond with its customers
based on a sense of confidence and
proximity. This success is also due to a clear,
straightforward pledge that fits perfectly
with the expectations of motorists looking
for a safe, reliable vehicle with a modern
equipment and performance package at an
affordable price.”
Smart buy ethos
The Dacia brand can claim to have the
European market’s youngest vehicle line-
up and sales are up in all the region’s
countries. In addition to its buoyant vehicle
sales, Dacia has been an inspiration for a
high number of customers thanks to its
‘smart buy’ ethos.
In numerous countries, Dacia says its
customers meet regularly to share their
experiences and common values, which
are founded on a free spirit, simplicity and
generosity. These community-based events
are growing in importance year after year,
providing participants with an enjoyable
time that helps to forge lasting bonds
between the brand and owners. This is
illustrated by Dacia’s Facebook page which
already unites more than two million fans
after an existence of barely four years.
investment inTurkey
October 15, 2014
As Toyota celebrates 20 years of manufacturing in Turkey, the Japanese-domiciled
automaker has confirmed it will build SUVs in the country, unleashing 20 billion yen ($187
million) for the purpose, starting in 2016.
Both a hybrid and a turbocharged
gasoline SUV will be produced. The hybrid
will boast the environmentally friendly HV
system being used in the new Prius due out
in Japan during 2015. The new SUVs, to be
smaller than Toyota’s RAV4, will be based on
the C-HR unveiled at the Paris Motor Show
earlier this month.
At Toyota’s plant inSakarya, the automaker
now builds two models, including the Corolla
compact car to tap markets in Israel, Russia,
and other relatively close countries, and the
Verso minivan, with the European Union
market in mind. From an operational aspect,
although the factory only counts a limited
number of temporary employees on rotation
from Japan at any given time, many Turkish
managers and production supervisors can
understand and speak Japanese.
“At the start, back in the mid-1990s, most
of our production leaders went to Japan
to learn our production system, and they
learned the language,” explained Orhan
Özer, President and CEO of TMMT. “Today,
they have grown with us and many of them
are in management positions.”
This, and a true dedication to the Toyota
Production System - adopted at the facility
at the start of production in 1994 - makes
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Turkey one
of the best in the world for manufacturing
quality. As Mr Özer continued: “Our level
of quality measured during quality audits is
the same as that of our factories in Japan.
High quality manufacturing and productivity
improvement are the key strengths of
On the occasion of the 20th anniversary,
Didier Leroy, President and CEO of Toyota
Motor Europe, said to the employees there:
“We fully believe in the potential for long-
term economic growth in Turkey, and trust
the capability of the Toyota members here.
This plant is competitive, and we have
decided to increase production at TMMT in
the future and are now studying how exactly
this will take shape.”
GM’sQ3global vehicle
October 15, 2014
Citing strong domestic demand and a healthy response for its vehicles in China, General
Motors Co’s total global sales rose 2 percent in the third quarter, its best third quarter
since 1980.
The US automaker reported sales
of 2,449,595 cars and trucks, up from
2,396,864 in the same period last year. That
marked GM’s best third-quarter sales since
1980. Through the first nine months, the
Detroit automaker sold 7,371,743 vehicles,
up 2 percent from 7,250,764 last year.
China was the biggest driver, where GM
saw 849,848 in total sales, a 14 percent
increase over the same period in 2013.
Meanwhile, United States sales soared
7.9 percent to 752,020 as GM enjoyed an
increase in its pickup truck sales. It said
its share of the US retail market for large
pickups grew to 35.6 percent in the third
quarter from 32.7 percent in the first quarter.
The results helped offset declines in
South America (20 percent), Europe (17
percent) and its international operations in
Asia excluding China (6 percent).
GM’s Chevrolet brand saw sales decline
4.7 percent in the third quarter, while Buick,
Cadillac and Opel badaged vehiles saw
demand rise 7 percent, 4 percent and 1.4
percent respectively.
Honda seeks external
audit over airbag issues
October 16, 2014
According to reports, Honda Motor Co
in September invited a third-party audit
to ascertain whether it underreported to
United States federal authorities the full
extent of fatalities and injuries related to
the Takata Corporation airbag recalls.
The US government’s National Highway
Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is
investigating the air-bag failures, which
have occurred with potentially deadly
defects. The matter revolves around Takata
Corp’s airbags – a global supplier for Honda,
Toyota and Nissan – which have been found
to potentially explode due to a defective
inflator, which propels debris inside the
cabin. Honda, the largest auto customer for
Takata, has so far recalled 6 million autos
since the problem was detected back in
The Tokyo-based automaker has announced
it was on the verge of sharing the third party
investigation’s findings with the NHTSA, and
announced the audit after allegations which
emanated via the Centre for Auto Safety
(CAR), which maintains that Honda failed to
report to the NHTSA at least two injury-and-
death incidents.
According to Bloomberg, the safety
watchdog is also calling upon the US Justice
Department to unleash a criminal probe. CAR
insists the failure to report the claims was
an oversight which severely interposed with
the NHTSA’s efforts to detect safety-related
hazards. For its part, Honda has stuck to its
insistence that it did not include in reports
sent to the NHTSA until last month verbal
claims of fatalities and injuries – which led to
a very low number of reported incidents.
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