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Jeepsalescontinue togrow inEurope
17 July 2015 | OEM
For the 18th consecutive month, Jeep
continues to grow in the European region
with best-ever June; the best sales month
ever in some of the major European markets
as well.
At product level, with more than 5400
units sold, the Jeep Renegade has been
significantly successful in the month of June,
and is now permanently among the most
sold vehicles in its segment in some of the
major European countries, being in the top
5 ranking in Italy.
The Grand Cherokee performance was
as well positive. In June, compared with the
same month in 2014, the vehicle had an 18%
increase in sales in the European region,
reaching the top positions in its segment
in key countries like Italy, Switzerland and
An important contribution came as well
from the iconic Jeep Wrangler whose sales
in June grew by almost 50%, compared
with June 2014, with the UK being up 79%,
Germany up 60% and Spain up 57%.
The results of the second quarter were as
well the best ever for the brand with 23,000
unit sales for the European region and an
increase of 161% versus Q2 last year. With a
total of almost 15000 units, Renegade played
a key role, being in the top 5 in its segment
in the Italian market, while Grand Cherokee
ranked in the top 5 in Italy, Switzerland and
Poland in its segment.
In the first half 2015 versus the same
period last year, Jeep sales increased by
174% in Europe totalling 45000 units, with
France being the best performing country
(up 328% versus the same period the
previous year), followed by Spain and Italy.
Over the same period, a significant 168%
increase on Cherokee sales was recorded
with Switzerland being up 231%, Italy up
165% and Germany up 108%, while Grand
Cherokee remained steadily in the first top 3
positions in its segment in Italy, Switzerland
and Poland.
Volvo tobring265Polestar into theUS
17 July 2015 | OEM
Volvo North America will be importing
only 265 S60 and V60 Polestar vehicles
for 2016. Polestar engineers made over 70
modifications and upgrades to the original
S60 and V60, resulting in an impressive
performance vehicle that gives the driver
optimal control.
The Polestar production range has been
popular among performance enthusiasts,
with the 2015 model year selling out quickly.
Previously only available in Rebel Blue and
Black Sapphire, model year 2016 will now
add Ice White and Bright Silver to the color
options. The appeal of a classic Volvo look
with enhanced driving dynamics has made
the Polestar editions truly unique on American
Each vehicle will feature a 345 horsepower,
6 cylinder engine sprinting from 0-60 MPH
in just 4.7 seconds (4.8 seconds for the V60)
thanks to a new twin-scroll turbo, intercooler,
full flow active exhaust and completely
recalibrated engine management system. The
transmission was modified to give the driver
more control with faster gear shifts partnered
with a Haldex all-wheel drive system.
This power is coupled with a chassis
that provides impressive road feedback
and control. Custom shock absorbers were
developed with long-time partner Öhlins
producing a suspension usually reserved for
supercars. Stopping power was optimised
through a completely upgraded brake system,
including 6-piston Brembo brake calipers and
ventilated brake discs.
To achieve the perfect balance of
performance and control in almost any
scenario, each S60 and V60 Polestar vehicle
features recalibrated exterior aerodynamics
and bespoke Polestar rims with an airy, unique
design that supports airflow around the brakes
to increase breaking endurance. Custom
features continue into the cabin with a Nubuck
clad steering wheel and seats to increase grip.
“This isaperformancevehicle that combines
Polestar’s racing experience with Volvo Cars’
exceptional ability to build everyday cars”
said Lex Kerssemakers, President and CEO
of Volvo Cars of North America, “it is a rare
combination that is hard for others to duplicate
Each vehicle boasts a long list of standard
equipment, such as Blind Spot Information
System (BLIS), Adaptive Cruise Control,
Harman Kardon Premium Sound and several
features typically optional on competitor
Volvo Cars’ partnership with Polestar was
further enhanced earlier this week when the
Swedish automaker announced the 100%
purchase of Polestar Performance AB. Further
development of Polestar enhanced vehicles
are anticipated as the company transitions all
vehicles to the Scalable Product Architecture
(SPA) by the end of 2018.
Jaguar LandRover reports Junesales
17 July 2015 | OEM
Jaguar Land Rover has reported June
retail sales of 39,602 vehicles, in line with
the prior year. During the first half of the
year, Jaguar Land Rover has sold 239,212
vehicles, equivalent to the same period last
Jaguar Land Rover’s regional performance
year-to-date shows 18% growth in the UK,
16% in Europe and 15% in North America,
with Overseas down 11%. Sales in the China
Region were down 27% year-to-date, due to
softening market conditions and production
ramping up for the locally produced Range
Rover Evoque.
Commenting on the month, Andy Goss,
Jaguar Land Rover Group Sales Operations
Director said: “Jaguar Land Rover has
delivered solid growth in June. I am
delighted to see our vehicles performing
well, especially in the UK and Europe where
sales reached almost 19,000 vehicles this
month - a record June for two of our key
“Our investment in new products and
technologies continues to give us a very
strong and desirable range of vehicles,
such as the all-new Discovery Sport and the
Jaguar XE. Customer deliveries of the XE
began at the start of June and it has had an
impressive first month of sales.”
Land Rover delivered a solid performance
in the month, selling 32,447 vehicles, up
1%. Calendar year-to-date sales reached
201,713 vehicles, up 3% year-on-year on the
back of continued strong customer demand
particularly for the Range Rover and Range
Rover Sport.
Jaguar sales in the month of June retailed
7,155, down 6%. Calendar year-to-date sales
were down 14% year-on-year, retailing 37,499
vehicles. This expected change in sales is
largely due to the run out of the Jaguar XF
model and the company’s product launch
plans, which will see the introduction of new
16MY XF and XJ vehicles from Autumn 2015.
The XE, Jaguar’s most aerodynamic
vehicle ever made, is now available in UK
and European retailers and will soon be
available in other markets overseas. Also on
the horizon for Jaguar, the world premiere
of the F-PACE will be at the Frankfurt Motor
Show in September and will go on sale from
Jaguar Project 7 returns toShelsleyWalsh
17 July 2015 | OEM
Jaguar’s Project 7 is to return to Shelsley
Walsh (July 19) as part of The Midland
Automobile Club’s Jaguar Celebrations. The
Project 7 concept car was filmed at Shelsley
Walsh before its unveiling at the Goodwood
Festival Of Speed in 2013.
F-Type Project 7 is the first Jaguar
performance vehicle from Jaguar Land
Rover’s Special Operations team, and will
be produced in an exclusive, limited-edition
run of up to 250 units. Its distinctive roadster
body, introduced in concept form in 2014,
pays tribute to one of the most famous
and iconic racing Jaguars: the three-time
Le Mans winning D-type. F-Typre Project
7’s name pays homage to Jaguar’s seven
outright Le Mans wins.
The Jaguar F-Type Project 7 is not only
the most focused derivative of the award-
winning F-Type range, but is also the fastest
and most powerful production Jaguar ever
Manager for the Midland Automobile Club
commented “This is great news that Jaguar
are bringing Project 7 to Shelsley Walsh this
weekend. To have this car here to celebrate
the numerous anniversaries of Jaguar is
very special as it signifies the tribute to
Jaguar’s Le Mans success. We very much
look forward to seeing the car on the hill
again as a full production model.”
Project 7 will be in action on the hill driven
by one of Jaguar’s professional drivers
during Sunday.
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