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VWdelivers fivemillionvehicles in
period toJune
20 July 2015 | OEM
“The Group’s overall development in the first half of the year was satisfactory”, whilst “VW
passenger cars brand was not immune to current trends in China.”
Vehicle deliveries by the VW Group in the
first half of 2015 continued at a high level
and remained virtually stable, again topping
the five million mark. In total, 5.04 million
vehicles were handed over to customers
from January to June. With deliveries running
at 840,400 units, the situation in June was
tense. “Overall, VW Group brands recorded
satisfactory development in the first half of
the year in what has in some cases been a
difficult market environment. Developments
in South America and Russia remain tense,
as do conditions in China, where growth
on the overall market has been shrinking
steadily since the beginning of this year and
became negative in June for the first time in
several years. As the market leader, the VW
Passenger Cars brand in particular was not
immune to these changes currently affecting
the market”, Group Board Member for Sales
Christian Klingler said in Wolfsburg.
Group brands grew deliveries on the
overall European market, in some countries
quite significantly, in the first half of the year,
handing over a total of 2.11 million vehicles
to customers. 1.14 million customers took
possession of a new vehicle in Western
Europe (excluding Germany), an increase
of 6.9%. 668,300 vehicles were handed
over on the home market of Germany. The
Group delivered 304,000 vehicles in Central
and Eastern Europe in the period to June,
of which 84,300 units were handed over to
customers on the Russian market where the
situation remains tense.
Deliveries in the North America region
from January to June rose by 6% to 451,200
units, of which 295,000 were handed over
to customers in the US. In the South America
region, where conditions remain challenging,
the VW Group delivered 297,300 units
during the same period, of which 211,800
were handed over to customers in Brazil.
Chiefly as a result of the downturn in VW
brand deliveries in China, the Group handed
over 1.94 million vehicles to customers in
the Asia-Pacific region in the first half year,
of which 1.74 million units were delivered in
China, the Group’s largest single market.
Outline of developments at Group brands
The VW Passenger Cars brand delivered
2.95 million vehicles to customers worldwide
in the first half of 2015.
Audi handed over 902,400 vehicles
worldwide from January to June, an increase
of 3.8%.
Porsche delivered a total of 114,000
vehicles in the period to June, representing
an increase of 29.8% compared with the
previous year.
Škoda delivered 544,300 vehicles from
January to June, a rise of 4.2%.
SEAT handed over 216,500 vehicles to
customers worldwide in the first half year.
delivered 223,000 vehicles during the same
The MAN brand delivered 49,900 units
from January to June.
Scania delivered 37,000 heavy trucks and
buses to customers in the period to June.
VWAmerica to invest $6.8million in
20 July 2015 | OEM
The German automakers plan to build its
parts distribution facility in Sacramento,
California, to support continued US growth,
and enhance service for dealers in the
VW America has announced plans to
invest $6.8 million to expand its logistics
operations by opening a new Pacific
Northwest Parts Distribution Centre in
Sacramento, California. The 143,000 square-
foot facility, marks VW’s second parts
distribution warehouse in California, and will
be used for distributing automotive service
parts for approximately 84 Audi and VW
dealers in six states throughout the Pacific
Northwest and Northern California.
“This new facility is a testament to VW
Group of America’s commitment to servicing
its dealer network and customer base on
the West Coast as efficiently as possible,”
said Jan Bures, Executive Vice President
Group After Sales and Services, VW Group
of America. “We remain focused on growing
in the US market through these strategic
The new facility will enable VW to better
service customer needs, in less time,
improving stock orders from second-day to
overnight delivery. The new warehouse will
hold roughly 47,000 part numbers, and is
slated to open the second quarter of 2016,
with a projected employee roster of 28.
The investment is part of Group’s more
than $7 billion commitment in the North
American market between 2015 and 2019.
VWGoA currently has a 310,000 square-
foot parts and distribution facility in Los
20 July 2015 | OEM
It has been reported that Fiat Chrysler
Automobiles, a manufacturer still struggling
to eliminate its debt, is contemplating
whether or not to sell its auto parts
manufacturer, Magneti Marelli which is
valued at $3.3 billion.
FCA are pondering the sale of its Magneti
Marelli auto makers, after attracting interest
from multi parties - at least two US private
equity funds - according to reports. The $3.3
billion valued company is under auction
from a number of private equity funds, who
are bidding for the complete purchase of
the manufacturer, which is used by top
automakers in Europe.
It has been reported that FCA’s most
recent offer receive in June, that has been
turned down, valued Magneti Marelli at just
under $2.7 billion.
FCA are looking for at least €3 billion
($3.25 billion) for the company, in order to
help the American manufacturers regain
strength from its debt; the supplier could
also be sold in parts to help accelerate the
Originally, FCA has slammed claims that
Magneti Marelli was for sale, although the
company is now reconsidering its options,
with a decision being made after October
this year. However, a spokesman for FCA
has declared that Magneti Marelli is not for
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