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Boschhonours top
16 July 2015 | Tier Suppliers
The Bosch Group has recognised its top
suppliers with its 14th annual “Bosch
Global Supplier Award 2015.” This year,
the supplier of technology and services
honoured 58 suppliers from 11 countries.
By presenting this award, the company
recognises outstanding performance in
the manufacture and supply of products or
services – notably in the areas of quality,
costs, logistics, and innovations. “The Bosch
Global Supplier Award honours our top
suppliers, who play such a key role in Bosch’s
success,” said Dr. Volkmar Denner, Chairman
of the Bosch Board of Management, at the
award ceremony in Stuttgart. “Our suppliers
are important partners in helping us shape
the connected world. We want to work with
them to develop beneficial solutions for our
The theme of this year’s award ceremony
was “Power of partnership – connected
intelligence.” Bosch continues to believe
that long-term partnerships and the early
involvement of suppliers are the key to
Many repeat winners
Bosch works with some 35,000 suppliers
worldwide, and this year the company has
chosen to honour the top 58 with the award.
Three suppliers are winners for at least the
eleventh time, while seven companies have
now won the award for at least the fifth
time. Almost half the companies honoured
are headquartered outside Germany, and
one-quarter of those are located in Asia. Dr.
Stefan Asenkerschbaumer, Deputy Chairman
of the Bosch board of management, used
the award ceremony as a chance to express
Bosch’s appreciation of its suppliers: “Our
successful collaboration with our partners is
an important factor in our business success.
It plays a vital role in Bosch’s ability to
compete and innovate.”
Long-term alliances – drivers of connected
Web-enabled products and internet-
based services form one of the cornerstones
of Bosch’s future sales growth. Volkmar
Denner is convinced that customer focus and
customer benefits are crucial for success on
the internet of things, “Our goal is to achieve
supply-chain excellence”. Strong, long-term
partnerships with suppliers are essential
to that goal, and are also key drivers of
networked solutions. “Trust, transparency,
agility, quality, delivery capability, and
competitive prices are at the core of our
collaboration with our suppliers.”
Getting suppliers involved early
Bosch now wants to involve its suppliers
even earlier in the product creation process,
and to work with them to develop solutions
for the connected world. “In this context,
connectivity is by no means only a subject
for Bosch. It encompasses the entire value-
added chain,” Asenkerschbaumer said.
“We will only remain competitive if we all
systematically embrace further connectivity.”
For this reason, Bosch has recognised
particularly forward-looking projects with a
supplier award in the “Innovations” category.
This year, the winners were IMS Gear GmbH,
Infineon Technologies AG, and 4flow. Based
in Berlin, 4flow received an award for its
support in the development of a globally
system. Bosch is using new processes and
systems developed by 4flow to organise its
worldwide road transport operations even
more efficiently and economically.
Further internationalisation of supplier
In 2014, the Bosch Group’s purchasing
volume came to some €25 billion. Europe
still accounts for the lion’s share, at roughly
60% of the global purchasing volume.
Outside Europe, procurement is centred on
China, the US, and Japan.
Procurement mainly involves production
materials such as turned parts, electronic
components, and pressed, drawn, bent, or
plastic parts. It also includes commodities,
operating equipment, services, and capital
goods. In growth markets such as China,
collaborating with local suppliers is key in
assuring the continued growth of the Bosch
Magnaenters intoagreement to
16 July 2015 | Tier Suppliers
Magna International, a leading global
automotive supplier, has announced that
it has signed an agreement to acquire the
Getrag Group of Companies, one of the
world’s largest suppliers of automotive
Getrag has an 80-year history in
transmissions and is a technology leader,
offering a range of transmission systems
which include manual, automated-manual,
dual-clutch, hybrid and other advanced
systems. Getrag is a leader in the growing
market for dual-clutch transmissions
(“DCTs”), which is expected to be one of the
highest growth segments globally over the
next decade.
In addition to its wholly-owned
operations, Getrag has significant joint-
venture relationships with Ford, as well
as Chinese auto makers Jiangling and
Dongfeng. Other Getrag customers include
BMW, Daimler, Renault, Volvo and Great
Wall. Including joint-venture locations,
Getrag has approximately 13,500 employees
and operates 13 manufacturing and 10
engineering centres in nine countries in
Europe, Asia and North America. Getrag’s
2014 consolidated sales were approximately
€1.7 billion, which excludes approximately
€1.6 billion in sales generated in its non-
consolidated joint-ventures.
Don Walker, Magna’s Chief Executive
Officer, commented: “As part of our ongoing
product portfolio review, we have identified
the expansion of our powertrain business
as a strategic priority. Getrag is an excellent
fit with this strategy. Getrag is a technology
leader in a product area that we believe
is well-positioned to benefit from industry
trends that are driving increased vehicle
fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions.
Getrag’s joint venture relationships also
provide significant growth potential in
China, the world’s largest automotive
market and the fastest growing market for
DCTs. Lastly, Getrag has a highly capable
and experienced workforce, including deep
powertrain engineering expertise.”
The purchase price for 100% of the
equity of Getrag is approximately €1.75
billion. This represents an enterprise
value of approximately €2.45 billion less
proportionate net debt and proportionate
pension liabilities, which together are
estimated to be approximately €700 million
at closing. The purchase price is subject
to working capital and other customary
purchase price adjustments.
The transaction is expected to close near
the end of 2015, subject to a number of
conditions including obtaining all necessary
regulatory approvals.
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