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Sorentosales soar asKiahits 10
millionglobal SUVsales
16 July 2015 | OEM
Following yet another record breaking
half year sales period for Kia Motors (UK)
Limited, the celebrations continued as the
first three months of new Kia Sorento sales
pass expectations.
Since the April 1, when Kia’s new Sorento
went on sale, it has seen unprecedented
demand with a total of 1,280 sales in the first
three months. Kia’s forecast was set well
under 1,000 sales at the beginning of the
year based on consumer intelligence and
past sales data.
In April KX-4 Sorentos accounted for 40%
of the models sales, this conjoined with
KX-3 sales, the second highest model in the
range, and the sales percentage rose to 61%.
For the first three months of Sorento sales,
KX-4 Sorento sales have been 10 times more
on average than the entry level KX-1 model.
Paul Philpott, President & CEO Kia Motors
UK Ltd commented: “The all-new Sorento
has been a huge success in the past three
months and we have high hopes for it in the
coming months and year.
The Sorento comes from a long line
of successful and world renowned Kia
SUVs, including the Sportage, Mohave and
Rockstar. July sees Kia’s cumulative global
SUV sales exceed the 10 million mark, which
is a staggering 30% of its total cumulative
sales of 31.7 million cars, including impressive
sellers such as the Picanto, cee’d and Rio.
In 2015, SUV sales are increasing; already
this year, Kia has sold more than 490,000
SUVs around the world, which accounts for
39% of total sales.
Volkswagencommercial vehiclesworldwide
deliveries rises2.4% in first half
16 July 2015 | OEM
Volkswagen commercial vehicle sales has seen a 5% growth in Western Europe, which
has helped the company achieve solid worldwide sales growth in the first half of the year,
experiencing a 2.4% increase overall.
Volkswagen (VW) Commercial Vehicles
delivered 222,900 urban delivery vehicles,
vans and pick-up trucks to customers all over
the world by the end of June. Compared to
the corresponding period of the previous
year, this meant an increase of 2.4%.
“The UK, Spain and Italy were the boom
markets in Western Europe. We generated
growth there of between 11 and 15%”,
emphasised Bram Schot, Board member for
Sales and Marketing for the brand. “From
now on, our new models T6 and Caddy 4
are present in our dealer’s showrooms in
Germany, Austria and Switzerland.”
The T5 model range showed a growth
of 8.8%, adding up to 88,800 deliveries
worldwide. Deliveries of the Caddy increased
by 0.5% to 73,900 vehicles. Deliveries of the
Crafter grew by 5.3% to 23,700 vehicles.
Deliveries of the Amarok pick-up decreased
by 5.6% to 36,700 vehicles.
In Western Europe, deliveries of the brand
rose by 5% from January to June 2015,
to 151,100 vehicles. With 58,300 vehicles
delivered, Germany was the market with
the highest volume in the first six months of
2015 for VW Commercial Vehicles, with an
increase of 4.1%.
In Eastern Europe, deliveries decreased
by 18.9% to 15,200 vehicles to the end of
June. In the Middle East, VW Commercial
Vehicles was able to boost deliveries by
44.1% to 16,100 units. Turkey had the largest
portion of this with a prominent rise in
vehicle deliveries of 47.7% to 13,900 units.
In South America, the brand delivered
17,900 vehicles to customers. In the
corresponding period of the previous year
1,300 T2 were still included, production
of this model stopped in December 2013.
Brazil in particular was a difficult market for
VW Commercial Vehicles, with a loss of over
one-third of deliveries to 6,100 vehicles.
With 9,200 deliveries, Argentina achieved
again a slight increase.
“In total, we achieved a solid growth.
Decisive impetus in this respect came from
our cutting-edge vehicles and the demand
in Western Europe”, Schot explained. “Our
factories in Hannover and Poznań have
confidently managed the model changeover.
Our order book is strong. Obviously, the T6
and Caddy 4 can seamlessly link up with the
market success of their predecessors.”
honoursbest suppliers
16 July 2015 | OEM
Volkswagen presented its Group Award 2015 to 26 international suppliers for special
innovative capabilities and very high reliability. Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn and Dr. Francisco
Javier Garcia Sanz handed over the awards.
Volkswagen (VW) presented the VW
Group Award 2015 to its best suppliers
in Neuburg. Before an audience of 260
guests from 26 countries, Prof. Dr. Martin
Winterkorn, Chairman of the Board of
Management of VW Aktiengesellschaft, and
Dr. Francisco Javier Garcia Sanz, Member of
the Board of Management responsible for
Procurement, handed the awards over to the
Group’s 26 best suppliers this year.
“To make really good cars, you need
really good partners – and we certainly
have them,” said Winterkorn at the award
ceremony. Looking to the future, he added:
“Over the next few years, almost every
aspect of the automobile industry will
change. In the age of digitalisation, we need
to maintain our existing strengths and to
develop new strengths. We will be working
on this with our suppliers in a major new
innovation partnership.”
This year is the 13th time that the VW
Group has honoured the entrepreneurial
performance of its best suppliers with the
VW Group Award. The award-winners are
distinguished by their innovative power,
product quality, development competence,
sustainability and professional project
Garcia Sanz praised the partner
companies: “On behalf of the VW Group, I
would like to thank you for your dedication
and your achievements. We can only shape
the mobility of the future and continue our
success with strong suppliers. Together, we
have reached historic milestones with the
Group. This applies to the implementation of
our module strategy and to the delivery of
10 million vehicles to our customers for the
first time. Electro-mobility and the continuing
digitalisation of our industry are key building
bricks in our joint success. Together with
you, we will actively develop new business
areas and growth prospects.”
business models, electro-mobility and the
transformation of customers’ wishes are key
topics of the “Future Tracks” programme
launched by the VW Group last year in order
to prepare for the challenges facing the
automobile industry.
“VW FAST – Future Automotive Supply
Tracks”, a key element in “Future Tracks”,
represents the future requirements for
cooperation between suppliers and the VW
Group. The objective is to synchronise the
global strategies of the Group and suppliers
at an early stage and to generate innovations
FAST is therefore a major initiative for
safeguarding the future of the VW Group
and the automobile industry in technological
and economic terms.
The winners of the VW Group Award 2015:
1. Grupo Simodles - Portugal
2. Klein Automotive s.r.o. - Czech Republic
3. Klippan Safety AB - Sweden
4. Kurashiki Chemical Products do Brasil
Ltda. - Brazil
6. Neue ZWL Zahnradwerk Leipzig GmbH
- Germany
Yanfeng Automotive Trim Systems Co.,
Ltd. - China
8. Aisin AW Co., Ltd. - Japan
9. Aleris Aluminium Duffel BVBA - US
10. Kiekert AG - Germany
11. Magneti Marelli S.p.A. - Italy
12. Mubea Carbo Tech GmbH - Austria
13. Pasdec Automotive Technologies -
South Africa
14. Schnellecke Group AG & Co. KG -
15. ThyssenKrupp AG - Germany
16. Bridgestone Corporation - Japan
17. Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG -
18. Chongqing Sanai Hailing Industrial Co.,
Ltd. - China
19. Delphi Automotive PLC - UK
20. Gestamp Automoción S.A. - Spain
21. Grupo Antolin - Spain
22. iSi Automotive - Austria
23. KWANGJIN - South Korea
24. Plastic Omnium - France
25. Samvardhana
Deutschland GmbH - Germany
26. Valeo S.A. - France
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