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13 March 2015 | OEM
Kia Motors announced its ‘Platinum
Sponsor’ role for the Copa América Chile
2015 during a sponsorship agreement
signing ceremony held today at the Estadio
Nacional de Chile in Santiago.
The agreement marks Kia’s second
consecutive sponsorship of Copa América,
having served as a ‘Gold Sponsor’ for the
2011 tournament in Argentina.
The signing ceremony was attended by
Kyung-Han Kim, President of Kia’s Central
& South America Regional Headquarters,
and Sergio Jadue, President of the Chilean
Football Federation and the Copa América
Chile 2015 LOC. “Kia’s sponsorship status of
Copa America is now at the highest level, as
we are the ‘Platinum Sponsor’ of the Copa
America Chile 2015. We are very pleased for
this opportunity to continue our involvement
with the world’s oldest and South America’s
biggest football championship,” commented
Kim. “The signing of this sponsorship
agreement with CONMEBOL is a clear
indication of our commitment to creating
an engaging and enjoyable experience for
football fans, especially in the Central &
South America region,” he added.
Copa América Chile 2015 LOC President
Jadue said: “We are grateful to join hands
once again with Kia Motors as we embrace
their dedicated passion for the sport of
football and its fans worldwide.”
TheCopa AméricaChile 2015 is scheduled
to kick off on June 11th with the champion
to be crowned on July 4th. Ten teams from
throughout South America (Argentina, Brazil,
Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru,
Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela) and two
non-South American invited teams (Mexico
and Jamaica) will comprise three groups
that will play in the tournament in eight cities
across Chile (Antofagasta, La Serena, Viña
del Mar, Valparaíso, Santiago, Rancagua,
Concepción and Temuco).
In the lead up to kick-off at the Copa
America Chile 2015, Kia will supply 140 official
vehicles to the local organising committee
(CONMEBOL) from its wide-ranging model
line-up including the all-new Sorento CUV,
all-new Grand Carnival (known as ‘Sedona’
in the US) MPV and Quoris (known as ‘K900’
in the US) flagship luxury sedan.
Kia will also seek to boost its brand image
by illuminating its sponsorship presence
through diverse marketing activities,
including pitch A-board advertisements,
TV commercials airing during the game
broadcasts and Kia car displays at the
tournament venues. In addition, Kia plans to
activate various on and offline promotional
campaigns in all of the countries participating
in the Copa América Chile 2015 that will give
consumers a chance to win a hospitality
package to Chile that includes match tickets
to one of their national team’s matches.
13 March 2015 | OEM
Talk about a big family: Chevrolet expects
to deliver the 500,000th fifth-generation
Camaro in the United States this month.
The fifth-generation Camaro has been a
runaway success for Chevrolet since it went
on sale in August 2009. Camaro sales passed
Mustang in 2010, to become America’s best-
selling performance car – a title Camaro has
retained for five consecutive years. In the
process, the Camaro has helped build the
Chevrolet family – with 63% of retail buyers
new to GM.
“The fifth-generation Camaro has clearly
resonated with both long-time Camaro fans,
and first time performance-car buyers,”
said Todd Christensen, Camaro Marketing
Manager. “That sets the bar high for the next
chapter of the car’s history.”
Remarkably, the Camaro continues to
gain momentum, even as the fifth-generation
Camaro nears the end of production this
year. In 2014, Camaro total sales increased
7.1% for its second-best year of sales since
its introduction. For the first two months of
2015, total sales are up 3.6 % over 2014.
Bumper tobumper...Toyota Indiana
keeps ‘emcomin’
13 March 2015 | OEM
Toyota Indiana and its 4,700 team members
hit a new high. On March 6, a Blizzard
Pearl Highlander Hybrid drove off the final
assembly line and team members realised
their accomplishment - 4 million vehicles
According to the Indiana Bureau of Motor
Vehicles, 3,981,626 passenger vehicles are
registered in the state. This means Toyota
Indiana has produced more vehicles than
are registered in its home state. But all of
these Toyotas don’t stay in Indiana; they just
start there.
“We broke ground here almost 19 years
ago to produce Toyota’s first full-size pickup
truck, the Tundra,” said Norm Bafunno,
Toyota Indiana President. “Since then,
change has been constant. We added the
Sequoia full-size SUV and Sienna minivan,
shifted our Tundra production to San Antonio,
Texas, and brought in the Highlander and
Highlander Hybrid midsize SUVs. 4 million
vehicles may seem staggering, but our
team rose to the occasion every time an
opportunity presented itself.”
Toyota Indiana has become a significant
exporter. Last year, it exported more than
42,000 vehicles to more than 20 countries.
“Team members take pride in being a part
of the global marketplace,” Bafunno said.
This seemed evident, as team members
carried many of the export countries’ flags
with the words “thank you” in each country’s
native language.
Construction is set to begin this month to
expand Toyota Indiana’s current footprint of
4 million square feet. The additional space
will allow for up to 30,000 more Highlanders
to be produced annually.
This latest expansion comes in response
to the Highlander’s strong demand.
Highlander sales ended 2014 up 14.5% over
2013 and posted a best-ever January this
year with more than 11,000 units sold.
Richard Skelton, West Assembly team
member, remembers some of the first
vehicles that came off the final assembly
line. “It seems like the years have flown by,”
Skelton said. “We’ve been through tough
times, such as the economic downturn in
2008. But great teams always bounce back,
and here we are building our 4 millionth
That teamwork is present not only inside
the manufacturing plant at Toyota, but also
in the community and with area suppliers.
“The community has shown incredible
support since day one,” Bafunno said. “This 4
millionth vehicle is only possible because of
the great team effort of our team members,
suppliers and citizens of this wonderful
community we all call home.”
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