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CNwelcomesMaher Terminals’
expansionplan for PrinceRupert, B.C.,
container terminal
12 March 2015 | Supply Chain
“This investment in terminal expansion to
accommodate future growth in overseas
container traffic is good news for CN’s
customers and the Pacific Gateway we
serve,” said Claude Mongeau, President
and Chief Executive Officer of CN.
Claude Mongeau, President and Chief
Executive Officer of CN, welcomed news that
Maher Terminals Holding Corp. will expand
the capacity of the Port of Prince Rupert’s
Fairview Container Terminal to more than 1.3
million twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs)
annually, from the current annual container-
handling capacity of approximately 850,000
“Fairview Container Terminal, opened in
2007, has become a major gateway success
for trade between Asia, Canada and the US
Midwest. This success is testament to the
supply chain collaboration and innovation
focus of CN, Maher and the Prince Rupert
Port Authority. Together we understand what
it takes to foster continual improvements in
port-terminal-rail efficiencies that help our
customers compete more effectively in their
end markets. This is a virtuous cycle, setting
the stage for future growth, one container at
a time,” Mongeau said.
“CN is proud of its role in Prince Rupert’s
success. We will continue to invest in rail
capacity improvements along our route
from northern British Columbia to key
markets such as Chicago and Memphis.
Our investment in the Kaien long rail siding
just outside of Fairview terminal is helping
us to accommodate growth in container
volumes with greater efficiency. We will also
expand our intermodal network and terminal
capacity to continue playing our role as true
backbone of the economy.”
In seven years of operations, traffic
through Prince Rupert’s Fairview Container
Terminal has grown at the fastest pace of
any container terminal in North America.
In 2014, volume increased 15% over year-
earlier volumes, while Fairview continued
to post excellent terminal dwell times for
expansion project will start in April 2015 and
is expected to be finished by mid-2017.
Prince Rupert is the closest major North
American port to Asia with direct on-dock
access to CN’s rail network. Containers are
rapidly transferred between vessel and rail,
enhancing Prince Rupert’s total transit time
advantage. The port is also North America’s
deepest natural harbor and can efficiently
handle the world’s largest container vessels.
Maher Terminals is an affiliate of Maher
Terminals LLC of Elizabeth, N.J.
thirtyyears inSpain
12 March 2015 | Supply Chain
This year GEFCO is celebrating 30 years of activity in Spain. The subsidiary has managed
to establish itself in a competitive logistics market and has maintained its top three position
in a difficult economic climate.
An event was held on March, 5th to
celebrate this thirtieth anniversary, with
Luc Nadal, Chairman of the GEFCO Group
Management Board, major names from
the national press and the subsidiaries’
employees all in attendance. The event also
marked the arrival of Julián Navarro, GEFCO
Spain’s new Managing Director.
GEFCO Spain is one of the Group’s first
subsidiaries: based in the country since
1985, today it is one of the industry leaders
in Spain and achieved a turnover of €310
million in 2013, i.e. more than 7% of the
group’s turnover.
In the course of its thirty years of activity,
GEFCO has expanded its network by
regularly opening new logistics centres,
developing new services and broadening
its customer portfolio, which now includes
5,500 companies. With 36 logistics sites and
839 employees, the subsidiary manages the
logistics flows of major industrial groups
from various sectors: consumer goods (Dia,
Alcampo), electronics, aeronautics, two-
wheelers, health and beauty (L’Oréal) and
Automotive (Delphi, Fiat, Chrysler, as well
as PSA Peugeot Citroën, a long-standing
Renowned for the reliability of its services,
GEFCO Spain has applied an acquired
expertise in Automotive logistics - one of
the most demanding sectors - to respond
to the globalisation of industrial flows and
to the needs of its national and international
customers faced with global and complex
GEFCO Spain supplies the full range of
the Group’s offer: the subsidiary provides
high-value-added services for warehouse
logistics, ground transport, sea and air
transport and Automotive logistics in addition
to customs services and tax representation.
The company’s structure allows it to cover
the entire supply chain and respond to the
most precise industrial demands with end-
to-end solutions.
Logistics represents 5.5% of Spain’s
GDP, making it a major player in the
Spanish economy. With a turnover of
€3.6 billion recorded in 2013 for the 175
largest stakeholders, it is also an extremely
competitive sector. GEFCO Spain represents
9.5% of this market.
The subsidiary also benefited from
the recovery of the Automotive sector,
due in particular to the national plan to
aid the Automotive sector (Pive), which
boosted sales in 2014 with 855,308 vehicle
registrations recorded over the year, up
18.4% compared with 2013.
The subsidiary also plays a key role
in the implementation of the 7-year 4PL
contract with General Motors, which has
entrusted GEFCO with the management
and optimisation of its entire logistics chain
in Europe and Russia. This contract, which
concerns over one million vehicles per year,
positions GEFCO at the forefront of logistics
integration in the European Automotive
sector. At the same time, and in line with the
Group’s strategy, GEFCO Spain is committed
to continued investment in information
systems, synonymous with increased
competitiveness, in order to provide its
customers with traceability and optimise
their flows.
2015 marks a change in management,
with Julián Navarro leading the subsidiary
following the retirement of Dulsé Díaz.
Navarro, 49, joined GEFCO in 1988, having
notably managed GEFCO’s subsidiaries
in Argentina and Chile between 2009 and
Navarro will draw on the subsidiary’s
renowned experience acquired over the
last three decades and will pursue his
predecessor’s goals of competitiveness and
“GEFCO Spain plays a key role within the
GEFCO Group: its renowned expertise and
its geographical location give it valuable
advantages in the development of trade
with the Maghreb region and Latin America.
Above all, its proactive diversification
strategy and the motivation of its teams
place the subsidiary at the heart of the
GEFCO Group’s ambitious development
strategy, which aims to double its turnover
by 2020”, said Luc Nadal, Chairman of the
GEFCO Management Board.
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