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Intelligent Energy revealsnew
12 March 2015 | OEM
An innovative 100kW automotive fuel
cell architecture from Intelligent Energy
provides vehicle manufacturers with a new
high performance option for their next
generation of Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
The architecture has been developed in
response to increasing market demand for
next generation, high power automotive fuel
cell solutions and is the result of extensive
research, engineering, cost reduction and
test activities undertaken by Intelligent
Energy’s Motive division. The system
builds upon the company’s successes
in developing advanced zero emission
solutions both independently and with its
world-class automotive customers.
Designed to deliver primary motive
power within an advanced electric driveline,
the 100kW fuel cell architecture and core
technology will be available to vehicle
manufacturers through technology licensing
programmes and joint development
The 100kW platform takes full advantage
of Intelligent Energy’s superior stack
technology, which offers world leadership
in power density of 3.5kW/l (volumetric)
and 3.0kW/kg (gravimetric), whilst being
engineered for low cost, high volume series
The key enabler for these high power
densities is the company’s proprietary,
Compared to conventional liquid-cooled fuel
cell stacks, the EC design removes the need
for individual cooling channels between
each cell. This delivers a considerable
advantage in terms of stack mass and
volume, and helps contribute to Intelligent
Energy’s leadership in stack power density
which translates into in-vehicle packaging
and weight advantages.
With 25 years of experience in the
development and delivery of high power
density, scalable fuel cell systems,
Intelligent Energy already has non-exclusive,
collaborative commercial relationships
in place with a number of global vehicle
James Batchelor, Managing Director of
Intelligent Energy’s Motive division, said:
“Our capability and proven technology
provides a cost-effective opportunity for any
vehicle manufacturer without a presence in
this fuel cell power-band to jump ahead of its
competitors. Our 100kW platform provides
automotive OEMs with a fast-track route to
our next generation evaporatively-cooled
stack technology, integrated into a compact
system architecture.”
Intelligent Energy employs world-class
engineers and technology specialists, led
by seasoned professionals with expertise
in fuel cell technologies and the automotive
field. The 100kW architecture is being
announced at a time when consumer
awareness of FCEVs is growing, boosted
by new vehicles being launched by Toyota,
Hyundai and Honda.
Batchelor added: “The concept, design,
technology elements and IP package are all
in place to enable the platform to be applied
to customer vehicle programmes today.”
Intelligent Energy has a long association
with the automotive industry, including a
successful eight-year relationship with the
Suzuki Motor Corporation. The collaboration
has seen the introduction of the world’s
first type approved fuel cell powered
scooter, powered by 4kW fuel cell systems
that are based on Intelligent Energy’s
complementary air-cooled (AC) technology.
The two companies have also established
a joint venture business that manufactures
stacks and fuel cell systems from a ready to
scale production facility in Japan.
Infiniti vehiclescontinueonaward
winningpath inMiddleEast
12 March 2015 | OEM
Infiniti, the Middle East’s fastest growing
premium automotive brand has continued
to build on its success, kicking off 2015 with
more awards for its vehicles.
“The awards that our vehicles receive from
the regional automotive press is testament
to the luxury, quality and innovation that all
of our Infiniti vehicles offer,” said Juergen
Schmitz, Managing Director, Infiniti Middle
Auto Sport Magazine named the QX80
full-size luxury SUV ‘Car of the Year 2015’
during the recent edition of the Qatar Motor
Show. The show was also the platform where
the QX80 was officially launched in Doha.
“The award builds on the QX80’s growing
success in the region. Earlier in 2015, the
vehicle was also named ‘Car of the Month’ by
Arabian Yachts magazine,” added Schmitz.
The latest version of the QX80 made its
Middle East debut in December of 2014.
Offering a fresh new exterior design, a
more crafted interior, additional standard
features and technology, the new model
further enhances the ‘First Class, Every Day’
character familiar to current QX80 owners
and takes it to even greater heights.
EVO Middle East, one of the region’s
premier automotive magazines, awarded
the Infiniti Q50 as ‘Saloon of the Year’. Key
features that positioned the Q50 ahead
of its competition were the drive by wire
technology, iconic design, stylish cabin and
tech-heavy driver assistance network.
“Since its launch last year, the Infiniti
Q50 continues to be a key contributor to
our success both globally and locally in the
region. The Q50 is the first of Infiniti’s new
era of customer focused products that blend
the latest technologies with pioneering
design. The consistent recognition through
third-party awards further underlines the
Q50 as one that truly inspires through
its performance in all areas,” concluded
The award adds to the Q50’s growing
list of global and regional awards that also
includes the 2014 Middle East Car of The
Year award for the ‘Best Executive Sedan’.
Encapsulating Infiniti’s vision of future
premium sport sedans, Infiniti Q50 brings
distinctive design, world first technologies,
engaging performance and a new standard
of in-car connectivity.
22 April 2015 The Plaza Hotel | New York
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