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Hondaputsanother nail inTakata’s
16 February 2015 | OEM
Controversy stricken Japanese supplier
Takata Corp’s troubles don’t seem to
be anywhere near ending as its largest
customer, Honda, announced that it would
not be providing any financial relief to the
As Takata is faced with a global crisis due
to its defective airbags affecting more than
a million vehicles worldwide, the Japanese
supplier seems to be in deeper trouble after
its biggest customer, Japanese carmaker
Honda, announced it would not provide
financial relief.
The cracks have been deepening
between the carmaker and its longstanding
supplier’s decades long relationship for
some time now. But in a recent development,
Honda Chief Executive Officer Takanobu
Ito dismissed the notion the carmaker will
be bailing out Takata if the company sinks,
refuting a report made by the Nikkei financial
newspaper in December that quoted him
saying that Honda would come up with
financial relief should Takata need it.
The Takata airbag fiasco has spread its
tentacles around the globe, with more than
25 million vehicles from over 10 carmakers
being recalled since 2008. Honda, being
Takata’s largest customer, seems to be the
worst hit since all six deaths related to this
defect have been linked to Honda cars.
Takata seems to have lost confidence
of its investors, with the company’s share
taking a 5.4% plunge to its biggest drop
since January 26, to 1,321 yen at the close
in Tokyo. Moreover, the supplier has lost
more than 50% of the share value in 2014,
giving fair reason to believe that the costs
involved in the global recall might lead to
the company sinking in the near future. By
losing the support of its biggest customer,
Takata might just have gotten close to this
Toyota to reveal newAvensisat
16 February 2015 | OEM
Japanese carmaker Toyota has announced
that it will present new Avensis at the 2015
Geneva Motor Show on March 3.
Toyota will reveal the new Avensis
at this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the
latest development of its contender in the
European mid-size (D-segment) car market.
New Avensis has been styled at Toyota’s
ED2 design studio in the South of France
and developed by the company’s R&D
centre in Brussels. It will be built by Toyota
Manufacturing UK at the Burnaston car
plant, near Derby.
The new model will deliver innovations
in comfort and safety and will feature a
new range of engines that promise both
performance and efficiency. Avensis has
been designed to appeal to fleet and private
customers alike.
Hyundai sets sightsoncommercial
16 February 2015 | OEM
South Korea’s largest carmaker has
announced a substantial investment in
developing its commercial vehicle arm and
aims to increase the capacity of its Jeon-Ju
commercial vehicle plant to 100,000 units.
Hyundai has announced that it will invest
KRW 2 trillion ($1.8 billion) over the next
six years to enhance its global commercial
vehicle competitiveness.
KRW 1.6 trillion will be invested on
developing new models and engines to
strengthen global commercial vehicle
competitiveness. Another KRW 400 billion
will be invested on increasing production
capacity of Jeon-ju plant from the current
65,000 units to 100,000 units by 2020.
As a result, Hyundai expects to hire
additional 1,000 employees to support the
increased production capacity. Also, it plans
to construct new Pilot Center and Global
Training Center within Jeon-ju plant.
Teehee! Thecar that giggleswhen
you tickle
16 February 2015 | OEM
Toyota and Mr Tickle present the world’s first ticklish car for Red Nose Day.
It gives you mirth not miles per gallon and its
emissions are guffaws, chortles and sniggers
rather than exhaust gases. Welcome to the
world’s first ticklish car, courtesy of Toyota
and Mr Tickle.
This giggling Yaris really does react when
you tickle its tender spots and it’s ready to
hit the road on a mission to raise laughs and
lots of cash for Red Nose Day.
As an official Red Nose Day partner,
Toyota has turned from hybrid power to
hilarity to engineer this strictly one-off
model. Red Nose Day legend Lenny Henry
has shared his own distinctive laugh with the
car as part of its repertoire of hysteria and
The ha-ha-hatchback will be officially
unveiled by the Mr Men’s own Mr Tickle,
Toyota’s celebrity consultant on the project.
This will mark the start of a busy schedule
of appearances for the car around the
country at Red Nose Day fund-raising events
for Comic Relief, including the Danceathon
taking place at Wembley Arena on 8 March.
An initial list of appearance venues and
dates is provided below.
What’s as much fun as the Toyota itself is
the story behind its creation, captured in a
fly-on-the-wall documentary to be released
on the same day the car makes its debut. If
you ever thought it was easy being funny,
the comic agonies of these corporate
comedians will make you think again. The
short film will be released through Toyota’s
official social media channels. Click here to
see the fun.
Mr Tickle said: “I was tickled pink to be
part of this brilliant idea. And thanks to my
long arms and tickly fingers, I was able to
help the designers add tickle-points to all
those hard-to-reach places.
“I hope the Toyota and the funny movie
will make everyone smile and give what they
can to wonderful Red Nose Day.”
Matt Harrison, Toyota GB President, said:
“Toyota has made millions of cars, but never
one like this before. We hope the special
Ticklish Toyota will help people have a real
hoot raising money for Red Nose Day.”
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