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Dec 12, 2014 | General
underwriters’ option to purchase additional
common shares and mandatory convertible
announced that the underwriters of its
previously announced offering of common
shares and mandatory convertible securities
due 2016 have exercised in full their options
to purchase from FCA an additional 13
million common shares and $375 million in
aggregate notional amount of mandatory
convertible securities.
After giving effect to the option exercise,
FCA will sell 100 million common shares and
$2.875 billion in aggregate notional amount
of mandatory convertible securities and
will raise a total of approximately $3.887
billion in proceeds from the offerings (after
underwriting discounts and commissions but
before other expenses of the offerings). FCA
intends to use the net proceeds from the
offerings for general corporate purposes.
A registration statement relating to these
securities has been filed with and declared
effective by the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission. This press release
shall not constitute an offer to sell or the
solicitation of an offer to buy any securities
nor will there be any sale of these securities
in any state or other jurisdiction in which
such offer, solicitation or sale would be
unlawful prior to registration or qualification
under the securities laws of any such state
or other jurisdiction.
In member states of the European
Economic Area which have implemented
European Directive 2003/71/EC, as amended
the offerings are only addressed to, and
directed at, persons who are “qualified
investors” within the meaning of Article 2(1)
(e) of the Prospectus Directive.
SeriesB financing
Dec 12, 2014 | General
Emerging leader in the self-balancing
vehicle industry for urban consumers,
INMOTION, disclosed its financing condition
for the first time and announced that it has
raised $17 million in Series B financing.
From the very first day of its
establishment, INMOTION attracted the
eyes of the investment community, but they
never disclosed its financing condition to
the media. Vic Zhou, CEO of INMOTION,
gave a detailed introduction at the press
conference. INMOTION got $3 million
angel investment when it was established
in January 2013, raised $4 million in Series
A financing before launching its product,
and signed a $17 million official investment
agreement before launching its new product
V3 and R2 in October 2014. The present
round was led by led by Tiantu Capital.
INMOTION is the first company to have
raised Series B financing in the self-balancing
vehicle industry in China. Zhou thanked the
concern and support of venture capitalists,
and considered capital as an important
factor in accelerating growth. INMOTION will
keep launching new products to satisfy the
needs of urban commute and short trips.
In the conference, Zhou said he expects
much more cooperation between Tiantu and
INMOTION, and he believes INMOTION will
benefited from the cooperation because of
the deep understanding of consumers and
consumer products of Tiantu team.
Weidong Feng, Chief Investment Officer of
Tiantu Capital, said: “INMOTION SCV meets
consumers’ needs for short trips and urban
commute. We see the opportunity in self-
balancing vehicles and also in INMOTION
team. With technology accumulation in self-
balancing vehicle industry, INMOTION is
likely to be the next DJI.”
Super Capital follows Series B financing
Investment Director of Super Capital, said:
“Super Capital is looking for great teams
that invent new technology or new business
model. We believe intelligent devices will
redefine people’s lives and have confidence
Zhou also shared the vision of INMOTION,
he believes we’ll all be a part in the sky net,
and it is the sky net that knows us best
instead of ourselves: “Our team started
out with development of industrial robots
which is where we started and where we are
headed. Self-balancing vehicle is a stage
when progressing toward smart service
robots. We’re always seeking an answer
to a question: what can the robots do for
the people? Our first demo of robot will
be developed later this year, and I believe
that’s our answer, and that’s where we are
15 December 2014
automotive purchasing weekly
in the heat of the Arabian Desert?’
The answer’s still yes.
Now what’s the question?
Since we bought ourselves out of British Leyland, we’ve used our
unique way of working – The Unipart Way – to turn from distributor
of car parts to accomplished multi-tasker. Manufacturing, complex
electronic repairs and global logistics, we do it all. And while we’re
at it, we’re helping dozens of organisations from high street banks to
the NHS with consultancy services that bring immediate, positive and
measurable change.
As if to prove how much we’ve embraced change, we’re now owned
by our employees and our pension fund. This gives us the rare ability
to take the long view – and means we can be unstinting in our levels
of customer service. Could we transform your fortunes? Ask the
question at
You already know our answer.
‘Can you get fuel injectors for a Jaguar F-Type to Shenzhen?’
‘Can you stop my bike (and me)
getting crushed by a truck?’
‘By the next day?’
‘When my laptop, mobile, tablet and set-top box
‘Can you set up a supply chain in India from scratch?’
‘Can you keep my truck springs springy
across a gazillion African potholes?’
‘Can you help the NHS save millions
and improve patient care while you’re at it?’
‘Can you coach my staff to start bringing me
solutions rather than problems?’
‘Can your consultants help HMRC
save over £400 million?’
‘Can you build the signals that will
help keep trains on time?’
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