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FlexFormexpands inSouthKorea
Dec 10, 2014 | General
The company has created its Korean subsidiary for the acquisition and operation of factories
in the country.
Global manufacturer of advanced
natural fiber composite materials, FlexForm
Technologies, has announced the formation
of its Korean subsidiary FlexForm Korea for
the acquisition and operation of factories
and production lines in Jeonju City and in
Cheonan, South Korea.
At the start of 2015, FlexForm Korea will
commence manufacturing the full range of
FlexForm products.
John Hearne, Chairman of FlexForm
Technologies, said: “Each of our products
can now be developed, produced and
delivered from multiple locations worldwide,
which provides our customers with greater
flexibility, speed and reliability.”
The factories and production lines were
acquired from the hardboard operations
of companies that manufactured various
composite materials for the automotive
industry. Under FlexForm, they will be used
for applications not only in the automotive
industry but also in other industries as well,
such as workspace panels, furniture and
structural components.
The acquisition was led by Warren Chang,
Chairman of FlexForm Korea, who stated,
“We have developed a variety of new and
surprising applications for our world class
materials and we are very excited about
the role these factories and lines will play in
supplying them.”
Operations in Korea will be managed by
Chan Hwan Park, CEO of FlexForm Korea.
North American operations of FlexForm
Technologies will continue to be managed
by Gregg Baumbaugh, CEO of FlexForm
Hondaexpands recall toCanada
Dec 10, 2014 | General
After escalating the Takata airbag recall to
the national level in the US, the Japanese
carmaker has now expanded the campaign
to Canada.
Honda Canada has announced that it will
be recalling 700,000 vehicles across the
country in order to replace airbag inflators.
The Japanese carmaker has also agreed
to replace the bags on 2.6 million vehicles
across in the US. Instead of using the word
recall, the company is deeming it a “safety
improvement campaign”.
The recall is part of a worldwide campaign
by the automaker to voluntarily replace
defective airbags made by its controversy-
stricken Japanese airbag supplier Takata
The Takata airbags that have already
been linked to four deaths in the US and
one in Malaysia because the defect in the
airbags causes the metal holder of the
airbag to explode, resulting in pieces of
metal shrapnel tearing through the airbag
and spraying towards front seat occupants.
Honda Canada claims that it is not aware
of any reported claims of injuries or deaths
related to cars with Takata-produced airbags
that were sold in Canada.
The Japanese automaker is the only
carmaker to comply with a demand from
the US National Highway Traffic Safety
Administration (NHTSA) to expand the
campaign to a national level, as opposed to
restricting it to humid areas.
The deterioration of the Takata
airbags, installed in 10 major automobile
manufacturers including Toyota, Nissan,
General Motors, Chrysler and BMW cars as
well, was initially linked to humid weather
but Takata has failed to identify the exact
cause that triggers the defect.
Honda Canada said “this action is being
taken to address the concerns of our
customers residing outside the regions
of high temperature and high absolute
humidity,” in a release announcing the recall
on December 10.
The cars affected by this recall include -
4-cylinder engines
2001-2002 Honda Accord with V6
2001-2005 Honda Civic
2002-2006 Honda CR-V
2003-2010 Honda Element
2002-2004 Honda Odyssey
2003-2007 Honda Pilot
2006 Honda Ridgeline
2003-2006 Acura MDX
2002-2003 Acura TL
2002 Acura CL
Tophonours for
Dec 10, 2014 | General
China Yuchai has stolen the top spot at the Seventh China International Truck Fuel Economy
Competition held in Beijing.
China Yuchai has announced that trucks
equipped with its YC6K12 diesel and
YC6K13N liquid natural gas (LNG) engines
won first place in their respective categories
at the Seventh China International Truck
Fuel Economy Competition held in Beijing.
The competition was hosted by China
Automotive News, the China Automobile
Technology and Research Center and
China Dingyuan Automobile Testing Center.
The YC6K12 diesel and YC6K13N engines
are produced by Y&C, a joint venture of
China Yuchai’s main operating subsidiary,
Guangxi Yuchai Machinery with Shenzhen
City Jiusi Investment Management and Jirui
United Heavy Industry.
The YC6K13N engine has the highest
torque power among similar-sized gas
engines. By utilising lean-burn technology,
it reduces average energy consumption
by 25% compared with a diesel engine of
comparable size and power. This 13-liter
engine uses 0.8kg/ton of fuel per 100
kilometers. It is compliant with Euro V
emission standards.
developed by Y&C to meet advanced world
standards in areas such as fuel consumption
and weight. It applies high reliability technology
enhancing the engine’s dependability and
utilises innovative technologies such as more
accurate combustion and electronic control
as well as high-strength materials and a
high-efficiency engine cooling system which
substantially extends the engine’s useful life.
This is an advanced 12-liter engine compliant
with Euro V and VI emission standards.
Weng Ming Hoh, President of China
Yuchai, commented: “These awards are an
endorsement to the effectiveness of our
research and development program to create
market-leading engines to maintain our
leadership in the world’s largest automotive
market. Over the last two years, we have
launched 20 new engines including a suite
of natural gas and high horsepower engines.
We continue to invest in R&D to continually
introduce new and improved engines which
will position us to increase our share across the
different market segments.”
TNTannounces launchof newservice
Dec 10, 2014 | General
TNT is launching a five-time weekly B737-
400 freighter service between Venice and
its Liege air hub in Belgium.
The addition of Venice to TNT’s
international air network will benefit
exporters and importers trading with North-
East Italy, who need guaranteed next-day
delivery, flexibility and late collections.
The Veneto region, whose capital is
Venice, is home to a dense network of
export-oriented companies, most of which
are small and medium sized enterprises
(SMEs). With the new air connection, TNT
further strengthens its service to SMEs in
Europe’s “Blue Banana” economic region.
The morning flight from Liege arrives at
Venice Airport Marco Polo (VCE) at 6:00 AM
CET and continues onto Ljubljana (Slovenia)
before returning to Liege. Five weekly flights
from Athens to Liege will stop in Venice on
the northbound leg. They depart Venice at
11:00 PM CET, an advantage for customers
who require late pick-up and next-day
To ensure smooth connections between
air and road operations, the air gateway is
located in the existing TNT Marcon depot,
near Venice. It is TAPA-certified and can
handle up to 10 air freight containers (or
ULDs) with a loading capacity of 2,000 kg
each. Opened in 2013, TNT’s Marcon depot
uses advanced automated scanning and
sorting equipment. From February 2015, the
air gateway and the depot will use a new,
fully automated sorting machine, which will
speed up the sorting of export shipments by
two hours. This equipment is being rolled
out across TNT Italy depots.
TNT has been active in Venice since
1984. The Marcon depot employs 90 people
and covers 3,776 square metres. It manages
domestic shipments through 26 distribution
vehicles and 6 “mototopi”, the motor barges
used to transport goods in the lagoon and
into the historic centre of Venice. Now that
the air gateway is open, the facility will
function as a model of intermodal transport
hub in a logistically challenging area.
15 December 2014
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