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Hyundai TucsonFuel Cell sets land
speed record for production fuel cell
4 December 2015 | OEM
Hyundai’s Tucson Fuel Cell set the land
speed record for a production hydrogen-
powered SUV at the Soggy Dry Lake Bed
of the California desert, with a top speed of
94.6 mph.
The Tucson Fuel Cell is the first mass-
produced fuel cell vehicle, with nearly 100
of these zero-emissions SUVs roaming the
streets and highways of Southern California,
the first of which was delivered to its owner
in June 2014.
Besides setting the production fuel cell
SUV land speed record, this same fuel cell
vehicle was able to easily traverse the off-
road terrain of the lake bed’s surrounding
desert environs, benefitting from the
substantial ground clearance of a compact
SUV. Even more, with fold-down seats and
rear hatch access, it is able to better meet
the various cargo-carrying needs of active
individuals and families at the same time.
TheTucsonFuel Cell has anEPA-estimated
driving range of 265 miles, allowing it to
conveniently meet the transportation needs
of many families in the Southern California
region. When coupled with a refueling
interval of only a few short minutes, the
range and refueling convenience of this fuel
cell rivals many gasoline vehicles emitting
combustion-based emissions.
Southern California currently has the
greatest concentration of hydrogen refueling
stations in the U.S., and its hydrogen
infrastructure in California is rapidly growing,
with nearly 50 forecasted to be in operation
in 2016. Hyundai’s Fuel Cell stands ready to
meet the increasing customer demand from
this growing infrastructure, both in California
and in other zero-emissions-focused states
planning hydrogen availability.
Infiniti achievesnewglobal sales
record forNovember
4 December 2015 | OEM
Infiniti recorded another exceptional sales performance in November when the company
sold more than 19,100 vehicles globally, an increase of more than 1,300 vehicles or 8% over
November 2014.
This marks the 15th consecutive month of
best individual months on record. With that
result, Infiniti already surpassed its full-year
2014 sales volume – a record at its time –
after just 11 months in 2015. Consequently,
2015 will see another all-time high result for
the brand.
Strong sales performances in key regions
and markets generated the sound global
sales result. The 2015 November sales
marked the best November in history for
Infiniti globally and for many regions and
markets including China, Western Europe,
Canada, Mexico, Korea and Taiwan. The
2015 November sales was also an all-time
record month for the Asia and Oceania
region and Australia.
Year to date, Infiniti sold more than
192,000 vehicles, up 15% from the same
period in 2014, a new record for the company.
In October, Infiniti already surpassed its full
2014 calendar year sales results in mainland
China and Taiwan. Now in November, the
same was achieved in key regions including
the Americas, Western Europe and Asia and
Oceania, as well as individual markets such
as the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Middle East,
South Africa and Australia.
“Our strong sales momentum continues
as we have already broken last year’s sales
record with a month still to come in 2015,”
said Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti
Motor Company. “December will be a
milestone month for the company as we start
production of the new Q30 Active Compact
in the Sunderland plant in the UK. We expect
the Q30 to drive further sales increases in
the coming year.”
Year-to-date, Infiniti Americas (U.S.,
Canada, Mexico, and Latin America) sold
more than 131,000 vehicles, a 12% increase
year over year – an all-time record. In
November, Infiniti Americas sold more than
12,900 vehicles, an increase of 3% from a
year ago.
In China, Infiniti continues to outperform
a sluggish overall automotive market. In
November, the brand sold 3,800 vehicles,
up 25% from last year. In the first 11 months
of the year, Infiniti recorded sales of
36,000 vehicles, an increase of 35%. Infiniti
continues to be one of the fastest growing
premium brands in China.
In Western Europe, Infiniti sold 6,300
vehicles year-to-date, an increase of 49%
from the same period in 2014. In November,
500 vehicles were sold, an increase of 17%
compared to the same period of 2014.
In Asia and Oceania (Australia, Korea,
Taiwan and other markets), Infiniti sold about
700 vehicles in November 2015, an increase
of 83% compared to the same period of
2014. Year to date, sales reached almost
5,000 vehicles, an increase of 16%.
4 December 2015 | OEM
Mercedes-Benz handed over 161,953
vehicles to customers worldwide in
November (+7.4%), which is more than ever
before in a November. Since the beginning
of the year, unit sales increased by 13.9% to
1,693,494 vehicles.
The Stuttgart-based premium brand with
the three-pointed star thus surpassed its
total unit sales of the previous year already
in November and set a new record.
“November 2015 was the best-selling
November for Mercedes-Benz so far. Our
SUVs and compact cars in particular are
extremely popular with the customers. We
achieved new records in both segments and
sold more than 50,000 units of each of those
two vehicle types,” stated Ola Källenius,
Member of the Board of Management of
Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz
Cars Marketing and Sales.
Mercedes-Benz unit sales by region and
In Europe, unit sales in November rose
to a record of 67,500 vehicles sold (+10.5%).
Since the beginning of the year, 726,606
vehicles with the three-pointed star have
been handed over to customers (+10.8%),
which is also a new record. In Germany,
23,878 Mercedes-Benz vehicles were
sold in November (+2.2%). The brand with
the three-pointed star thus once again
defended its market leadership amongst
the premium manufacturers in the home
market last month, as well as in Spain. Both
in November and since the beginning of the
year, sales records were set in Great Britain,
Switzerland, Sweden and Portugal.
In the NAFTA region, 354,286 customers
received their new Mercedes-Benz in the
first 11 months of the year, an increase of
5.6% compared with the prior-year period. In
the U.S., 308,885 vehicles were sold since
the beginning of the year (+4.2%) – a new
record. After the successful start of the GLC
in Europe, the middle-class SUV will also be
available for sale in the U.S. from December
onwards. The Stuttgart based company with
the three-pointed star expects demand as
high as from its predecessor, the topseller
GLK. Unit-sales records were also set in
Canada and Mexico in the period of January
to November.
Sales in the Asia-Pacific region reached
a new record of 55,725 units in November
(+24.7%). Since the beginning of the year,
unit sales increased to the record number
of 553,639 vehicles (+25.6%). Last month,
36,313 vehicles were delivered to customers
in China (+38.7%). In the first 11 months of
the year, more than 300,000 vehicles were
sold in China for the first time. Growth in
November was particularly strong also in
South Korea, where unit sales by Mercedes-
Benz increased by more than a third
(+40.0%). In Japan, unit sales in the first 11
months increased by 9.4% compared with
the prior-year period, setting a record of
58,362 vehicles. In November, Mercedes-
Benz once again maintained its market
leadership amongst the premium importeurs
there, as well as in Australia.
Mercedes-Benz unit sales by model
Demand for the Mercedes-Benz compact
cars is as high as ever. In November, 51,416
units were handed over to customers
(+21.2%) – a new record. Mercedes-Benz set
a new record with the models of the A- and
B-Class, the GLA, CLA and CLA Shooting
Brake also in the first 11 months, selling
528,786 units in that period (+26.5%).
Sales of the C-Class Saloon and Estate
surpassed 400,000 units for the first time in
the first 11 months of a year. Since January,
406,043 vehicles of the high-volume model
from Mercedes-Benz have been delivered
(+46.2%). Last month, the C-Class was
especially successful in China and set a new
unit-sales record.
Since the beginning of the year, the
S-Class Saloon continues to be the world’s
best-selling luxury saloon.
The SUVs from Mercedes-Benz set a
new record in November. Compared with
the prior-year month, unit sales worldwide
increased by 26.4% to 52,155 vehicles.
The bestsellers were the GLA and the GLC.
Mercedes-Benz set a new unit-sales record
with its SUVs also in the first 11 months,
handing over 465,338 of these models to
customers (+25.5%). The new GLS had its
world premiere at the Los Angeles Auto
Show in November.
Demand for the Smart fortwo and smart
forfour increased in November to a total
of 10,840 units worldwide (+45.3%). Thus,
more than 100,000 of these city cars have
been handed over to customers since
the beginning of the year. Growth was
particularly strong in Europe, where Smart
nearly doubled its unit sales. The new Smart
forfour had its market premiere in China at
the Guangzhou Auto Show; it will be available
from dealerships in China as of spring 2016.
In November, car2go was launched in
Madrid. After Stuttgart, Amsterdam and San
Diego, Madrid is the fourth city with an all-
electric fleet.
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