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OerlikonGrazianowith its rangeof
transmissionsatCTI Berlin
7 December 2015 | Tier Suppliers
High-performance transmission specialist
Oerlikon Graziano will present its range
of transmission systems at the 2015 CTI
Symposium and Transmission Expo which
takes place in Berlin, Germany, from
December 7-10.
Among the products the Company will
show OGeco, its hybrid, six-speed AMT,
2SED and 4SED seamless-shift transaxles
for electric vehicles and its PTU assembled
on the 7G-DCT dual clutch transmission of
a famous European OEM. Integrating a six-
speed Automated Manual Transmission
(AMT) with a 120KW electric motor through
a two-speed epicyclic transmission, OGeco
provides torque infill, electric boost,
regeneration, electric drive
and engine cranking. A prototype unit has
been installed in a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
by Oerlikon Graziano and its UK partner,
Vocis, and the packaging is so effective that
the OGeco with integrated electric motor fits
into the same space as the seven-speed DCT
normally fitted to the car. The demonstration
vehicle has been well received by OEM
The 2SED is a dual-speed seamless-
shifting transaxle that can be coupled with a
transverse electric motor, for front or rear full
electric axle application. A new version has
been designed for electric high performance
GT vehicles. Its additional characteristics
are a single BLDC Actuator, the dry clutch
and sprag clutch combination, together
with the integrated park brake functionality.
The 4SED is a four-speed, lightweight
transmission that boasts increased efficiency
and seamlessly smooth shifting. Its compact,
scalable design makes it suitable for a wide
range of vehicle types, including electric
passenger or commercial vehicles or high-
performance, four wheel drive hybrids.
A new, two-speed Automated Manual
Transmission completes the range of
displayed at the Oerlikon Graziano
booth. Called AVTR (Adaptable Voltage
and Transmission Ratio), this full electric
transmission was developed as part of an
EU-funded research project (“FP7”). Used
singularly it offers EVs the advantages of
multispeed transmissions and if applied to
two independent axles it makes the vehicle
AWD while at the same time allowing
seamless shifting.
damper features inLEXUSGS
1 December 2015 | Tier Suppliers
Yamaha Motor has announced that the
company will supply its unique chassis
damping component - the performance
damper - for use in the LEXUS GS350
sedan (except AWD models) launched on
November 25.
The GS350 is the latest LEXUS model to
be fitted with Yamaha Motor’s performance
implementation to the following current
Lexus models: The CT200h (Version L/C,
F Sport), HS250h, NX300h/200t (F Sport),
IS350/200t, and the RC200t.
The performance damper is a chassis
damping component that is set in the main
structural areas of vehicles. It is a device
is designed to control and absorb minute
distortions and vibrations. The performance
damper was first used in a mass-production
model in April 2004, four years on from its
basic concept development in 2000. Since
then, the performance Damper has been
contributing to improvements in stability and
comfort in a wide variety of vehicle types.
Features of performance damper
Normally, when a passenger vehicle is in
motion, micro distortions of less than 1mm
occur in the body. A metal vehicle body has
elastic characteristics and lacks damping
force, meaning that external distortion
energy is accumulated and released almost
unchanged, repeating the cycle of distortion
at a natural frequency.
Performance dampers add a damping
element to the chassis, thereby absorbing
the distortion energy and releasing it
as heat. Along with the expectation of
curbing an excessive rate of distortion
on the chassis, providing greater mobility
and stability at high speeds as well as
superior maneuverability when the chassis
is subjected to relatively high chassis
distortion, performance dampers also
contribute to greater comfort.
Goodyear announcesnew
organisational structure
2 December 2015 | Tier Suppliers
The Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company has announced that it will combine its North
America and Latin America businesses into one Americas business unit, effective January
1, 2016.
“While the two former regions approach
their markets differently, there also are many
increasing similarities, especially the growth
of high-value-added tyres,” said Goodyear
Chairman and CEO Richard J. Kramer. “This
new organisation is structured to accelerate
growth and maximise earnings over time
through simplicity, speed, and an intense
focus on our customers and markets.”
The combined business will serve
customers and consumers more effectively
and efficiently by integrating processes such
as product development, market forecasting,
and product supply. All manufacturing
plants in the combined region – including
the new Americas plant in San Luis Potosi,
Mexico, scheduled to open in 2017 – will be
leveraged to serve all customers in Mexico,
Latin America and North America. The
new structure will give Goodyear greater
flexibility to anticipate market changes and
react faster to them.
“We believe that combining our North
America and Latin America operations into a
single business unit will allow us to become a
better partner and supplier to customers and
consumers,” said Kramer. “We are excited
about the opportunities to operate more
efficiently and better manage the increasing
complexity of the tyre industry. This will
enhance our ability to deliver more of our
high-value-added tyres to the customers
and consumers who are demanding them
The Americas business unit will be led by
Stephen R. McClellan, currently President
of Goodyear’s North America business.
Marcelo Toscani, currently Vice President of
Global Manufacturing, will serve as President
of the company’s Latin America operations
and report to McClellan.
McClellan, 50, has spent his entire career
at Goodyear since joining the company
in 1988. He has been the President of the
company’s North America business since
2011. Prior to that, he served as President of
the North American consumer tyre business,
led the North American commercial truck tyre
business, and served in other management
roles in finance, sales and distribution.
“Steve is a seasoned leader who
has consistently executed our strategy,
delivering record results and putting the
North America business on a path to
sustained growth. He is perfectly suited to
lead our Americas business,” said Kramer.
Toscani, 57, has global experience
across regions and functions. A native of
Argentina, he has experience in marketing,
manufacturing, and general management in
several Latin American countries. In addition
to his current global operations role, Toscani
has held leadership positions in Brazil and
China during his more than 30 years at
“We’re pleased to have Marcelo back in
Latin America to take advantage of his deep
knowledge of the market and our customers
there. I’m confident he will continue our
momentum in Latin America,” said Kramer.
In addition, the company announced
that Jean-Claude Kihn has been named
President of its Europe, Middle East and
Africa business. Currently the president of
Goodyear’s Latin America business, Kihn will
fully assume his new role on January 1, 2016.
He succeeds Darren R. Wells, who will leave
the company in early 2016.
“Jean-Claude is a well-rounded executive
with leadership experience in all of our
regions and every aspect of our operations,”
said Kramer. “As Goodyear’s Chief Technical
Officer, he led our technology and innovation
progress and was responsible for research,
development, engineering, and quality
worldwide. He also has managed our Latin
America strategic business unit, and has
excelled at building customer relationships.
We believe Jean-Claude is the right leader
to take our EMEA business to the next level
of performance.”
Kihn, 56, joined Goodyear in 1988 as an
engineer in the company’s technical center
in his native Luxembourg. A member of
Goodyear’s senior leadership team since
2008, he has served as chief technical
officer, Senior Vice President and Managing
Director of Goodyear Brazil, and most
recently, President of the company’s Latin
America business unit.
“We deeply appreciate everything Darren
Wells has done for Goodyear during his 13
years with the company,” said Kramer. “First
as treasurer and later as CFO, Darren led
numerous initiatives that were critical to the
company’s turnaround and ensuring its long-
term financial health. As President of EMEA,
he laid the groundwork for future success in
the region.”
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