Automotive Purchasing Weekly 2 May2016 - page 5
Top automotive
executives to
meet in Liverpool
In partnership with the International Festival of Business
2016, join others in Liverpool keen to build relationships,
discover the latest developments, news and
opportunities for the automotive industry at the
Automotive Leaders Summit.
With key speakers exploring emerging technologies and
ideas, as well as reviewing the current challenges being
faced today, immerse yourself in the conversation and
debate and have the chance to share your thoughts, your
ideas and your insights.
Be part of the wave that is creating change and
re-shaping the future landscape of vehicle design,
production and logistics.
Don’t miss out - book you place now
Speakers include Katherine Worthen of General Motors,
Bo Andersson of Bo Group Enterprises, and AndrewWareing of Nissan Europe.
The Titanic Hotel, Liverpool | 15-16 June 2016
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