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The importance of collaboration

The automotive world is an isolated place. Yes, there are many joint-ventures in the industry but they have typically remained in their segments up until recent years, thanks to new innovations and technologies forcing logistics providers and OEMs to remain in the race. Without communication, we will never attain the heights that we pursue; the long-term goals that we have set will crumble with innovations that tip the industry on its head and arising issues, such as vehicle hacking, will disrupt development. Our Automotive Leaders Summit this year once more stressed the importance of industry collaboration, with executives from different industries coming together to discuss the future of vehicle manufacturing, technology, logistics and renewable energy.

Many sectors overlap in the automotive world, with purchasing managers wanting to know more about the latest developments in the supply chain and logistics heads who are interested in the develop of autonomous vehicles. Similar to drawing inspiration from areas with unique issues, such as road haulage operations through Calais, the automotive industry can also look towards external sectors, such as software providers who can help progress future mobility. Automotive cyber security is just one arising problem and it is key that we adopt tech-driven companies and interlink both industries.

In parallel to collaboration, there must still be competitiveness. There are more OEMs than ever before, with countless EV and renewable-energy start-ups joining the market; this also applies to suppliers and logistic providers. At the summit in Liverpool, Bo Inge Anderson reflected on industry developments and questioned: “How much are you doing to impress others? How much are you doing to solve real problems?” Companies must start to prioritise factors such as these, as sustainability is just as important as competitiveness in the long-run.

The supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link, a manufacturer can only survive if its supplier provides them with components and the connected car can only be developed with collaborations between developers outside of the automotive industry and OEMs. As Henry Ford famously said of the business world: 'coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.'

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