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The automotive industry is constantly changing, almost on a daily basis. New ideologies and innovations are driving vehicle logistics and manufacturing into new realms of efficiency, through global communication and emerging technologies. We at Three6Zero welcome these changes and believe that, much like the industry, we should embrace these developments, which is why we are happy to introduce to you our revamped digital weekly.

In an era of complex software and ideas, consumer simplicity is key, which is why we have focused on providing a direct format for you to receive the most important stories from across the globe each week, directly to your inbox. By integrating a sidebar into the weekly, readers are able to quickly access each category, able to jump from OEM articles to technology updates in a matter of seconds. We understand that our global audience stretches across the entire industry so, through this facelift, we aim to cater to each individual’s need.

As mentioned above, communication is one of the most important drivers of growth and this has been factored into the development of the new weekly through share icons above and below each article. These allow readers to quickly share a selected story by email or social media to their chosen audience, whether it be to update colleagues on their new position, to show their company’s production or sales success or to simply share an article that interests them.

In addition, we have refreshed the look of our websites and printed magazine. Each brand can be found at the bottom of the weekly, allowing readers to enter each website separately. Subscribe to the weekly below to receive issues every week. We look forward to receiving your feedback and any editorial requests.

Welcome to the new Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain weekly round-up.

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