BLG Logistics increases group sales to over a billion euros

BLG Logistics increases group sales to over a billion euros

At the press conference on the financial statements in Bremen on April 5, 2017 the Board of Management at BLG Logistics presented the results of the past financial year.

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CEO Frank Dreeke was pleased: "because we were able to achieve what we forecast a year ago and managed to increase sales in all three divisions in 2016. The operating result of the BLG Group is slightly above that of the previous year. In our estimation the economic situation of the BLG Group remains stable, but is capable of improvement."

For 2016 BLG Logistics reports sales of one billion and 45.6 million euros. That represents a plus of 107 million euros or 11.4% so that the Group lies exactly in the forecast target corridor. All three divisions – Automobile, Contract and Container – recorded significant growth in sales. The earnings before taxes (EBT) came to 30.8 million euros and thus surpassed the level in the previous year (+ 3.7%). The strongest division in 2016 with sales of 574.5 million euros was again Contract Logistics. Thanks to augmented business activities with existing and new customers as well as expansion in the Freight Forwarding segment through takeover of the Fortagroup at the beginning of the 2016 financial year, sales rose by 95.7 million euros as compared to the previous year.

The Automobile Division increased its sales in the year under review by 2.6% to 473.7 million euros. The operating result of the division declined slightly in comparison to the previous year, however. The reasons for this are productivity losses and lower cargo handling volumes at the Bremerhaven Auto Terminal as well as self-contracting on the part of a client in Eastern Europe. The Container Division of the BLG Group is represented by half of the shares in Eurogate. The European terminal operator group earned sales of 639.4 million euros in the 2016 financial year. The share of the BLG Group thus amounts to 319.7 million euros. Eurogate strengthened its position as a leading shipping-company-independent container terminal operator in Europe.

At the press conference on the financial statements Frank Dreeke also stated his outlook for 2017: "Today we are already at the end of the 1st quarter of the 2017 financial year. The world situation has not become any clearer, rather tensions are tending to increase, possible trade barriers are a daily subject of discussion. It's not getting any easier to make prognoses. The BLG Group started off the year better than in the previous years – that's something we can affirm. For this reason we are optimistic that we can implement our planning for 2017."

In the course of the press conference the Board of Management presented the Financial Report, the Company Report with the motto "Uniquely Diverse" as well as the 2016 Sustainability Report. Ensuring sustainable action is regarded as a key factor in the future development of the sector.

Strong demand drives record growth at GPA

Strong demand drives record growth at GPA

The Georgia Ports Authority experienced strong growth in containerised, auto and breakbulk trade in March.

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The Port of Savannah moved 311,770 twenty-foot equivalent units last month, an increase of 5.6% or 16,621 TEUs. Total tonnage across all terminals increased 9.8% (258,627 tons), moving 2.89 million tons for the busiest March ever in the Authority's history.

"Strong demand from retail and manufacturing customers -- both in the US and abroad -- is driving growth in Savannah and Brunswick," said GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch. "As existing port users expand their trade through our terminals and new customers tap into Georgia's connectivity to major population centers across the Southeast, we expect to see additional job and economic development opportunities for our region."

In roll-on/roll-off cargo, the Port of Brunswick achieved growth of 22.5%, with Colonel's Island Terminal moving 56,580 units, up by 10,386 cars, trucks and tractors for the month. At GPA's autoport in Brunswick, 214 acres are in the design or development stages, bringing auto processing space to 547 acres. In addition to the land now being developed, the Authority plans to add another 510 acres on the island's south side to support auto processing. This will double the capacity for cars and heavy machinery in Brunswick.

Breakbulk cargo also saw double-digit growth for the month, reaching 232,601 tons, a 10.5% (22,034-ton) increase over March 2016. Strong categories included iron and steel, which grew 82% in total cargo (16,059 tons) to reach 35,598 tons. Forest products exported via Mayor's Point Terminal in Brunswick more than doubled from 5,347 tons in March 2016 to 11,337 tons last month.

The GPA's cargo report follows the US Federal Maritime Commission's approval Friday of an agreement between the port authorities of Georgia and Virginia to share best practices and marketing efforts.

"As our ports continue to experience record growth, it is more important than ever that Georgia and other gateway hubs begin to plan regionally for the future," said GPA Board Chairman Jimmy Allgood. "Cooperation between ports, with an eye toward maintaining world-class service, is a necessary part of today's marketplace. As gateways to global commerce for the US East Coast, the ports of Georgia and Virginia are critical links to the nation's economy."

ProTrans leverages JDA Transportation Modeler for complex logistics optimisation

ProTrans leverages JDA Transportation Modeler for complex logistics optimisation

JDA Transportation Modeler will help ProTrans maximise capacity utilisation and delivery speed, while balancing profitability and agility.

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ProTrans has implemented JDA Software Group's JDA Transportation Modeler, part of JDA Transportation Management solutions. JDA Transportation Modeler will help ProTrans drive transportation optimisation and meet the demands of today's fast-paced logistics landscape.

"ProTrans has been a JDA user for quite some time. While we reviewed many other optimisation solutions during the selection process, JDA offered the best solution from both a functionality aspect and commercial alignment perspective to meet our needs at a very reasonable cost," said Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans.

As a 3PL offering completely integrated planning and execution services, ProTrans needed a modeling solution that could drive transportation optimisation opportunities with simplified - and implementable – inputs plus usable outputs to keep up with customer demands. "With capacity continuously being a concern and the ever present pressures of meeting guaranteed savings commitments, we needed a state of the art optimisation tool that could meet the demands of our teams. JDA Transportation Modeler gives us the flexibility to optimise in many different ways while meeting the demands of our business," continued Masters.

JDA Transportation Modeler is designed to optimise transportation assets quickly and easily in real-time, giving ProTrans immediate visibility into transportation and logistics conditions as they change. This solution supports all the different needs of ProTrans' network planning teams in developing complex logistics solutions.

"JDA Transportation Modeler will help ProTrans manage the high complexity of today's logistics landscape and make optimal customer recommendations, maximising their capacity utilisation and delivery speed," said Danny Halim, Vice President, industry strategy, distribution and 3PL, JDA. "As logistics providers continue to balance agility and profitability, JDA Transportation Modeler not only enables ProTrans to provide strategic guidance to their customers, but gives them the ability to quickly and continuously optimise their transportation network without the burden of implementing a heavy transportation management system."

APL Logistics strengthens commitment to regional logistics hub with direct presence in Oman

APL Logistics strengthens commitment to regional logistics hub with direct presence in Oman

APL Logistics has announced the official opening of the office of its newest joint venture company, APL Logistics Oman SAOC (APLL Oman), in Muscat, Oman.

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The event marks the start of its partnership between APLL and Arab Global Logistics LLC to develop Oman as a regional logistics hub serving the Middle-East and East Africa markets.

Present at the event were Mr. Muhammad Azfar Khan (Chairman of the Board for APLL Oman), Sheik Salim SS Bahwan (Deputy Chairman of the Board for APLL Oman) and Mr. Inacio Rodrigues (Managing Director – APLL Oman).

APLL is the go-to global supply chain specialist for companies in the Automotive, Consumer, Industrials, and Retail sectors. APLL Oman is backed by APLL's deep logistics expertise and global execution experience. Customers can look forward to a comprehensive offering of high-tech, flexible logistics services that solve complex everyday issues across inbound and production logistics, finished vehicle logistics, multi-modal transportation, consolidation, order management, customs brokerage and packaging.

Mr. Muhammad Azfar Khan, Chairman of Board for APLL Oman said, "We are delighted to expand our direct presence in the country to build closer relationships with customers and serve them better. We are committed to developing Oman as a regional logistics hub that will offer and deliver globally-proven logistics solutions to customers in the country and the surrounding region."

Sheik Salim SS Bahwan, Deputy Chairman of the Board for APLL Oman said, "We are pleased to mark this important milestone with APL Logistics. The opening of the APLL Oman office will serve as a foundation to further develop business opportunities that will leverage on Oman's strategic location, logistics potential and highly capable work force."

First fully-automatic reefer container monitoring implemented at  C. Steinweg in Hamburg

First fully-automatic reefer container monitoring implemented at C. Steinweg in Hamburg

The Port of Hamburg has achieved a fresh advance towards digitalisation. The first fully-automatic system for monitoring reefer containers has been introduced at the C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) multi-purpose cargo handling facility.

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The system has been developed and launched by the Austrian technology group Identec Solutions, specialists in wireless sensor and localisation applications.

As a rule, reefer containers are manually checked by staff at cargo handling terminals at specific intervals, usually of between four and eight hours, for normal functioning, temperature, humidity and other parameters. This effort is supplanted by the CTAS Reefer System developed by Identec Solutions, which records, notifies and processes all data fully automatically.

Since the end of 2016, a monitoring device tag has been attached magnetically to every incoming reefer container at C. Steinweg as an automatic link with the container's controller. "CTAS Reefer is compatible with all current models from reefer container manufacturers such as Daikin, Carrier, Starcool or Thermoking. Unlike the usual power-line modem solutions, this is completely independent," stresses Stephan Piworus, Global Vice President, Sales Ports & Terminals for Identec Solutions in Hamburg. Once connected, the tag notifies relevant reefer data every 15 minutes by radio signal. Should any discrepancies occur, these generate an automatic alarm signal facilitating an immediate response.
CTAS Reefer is linked with C. Steinweg's terminal operating system (TOS), completely integrating reefer container processes in terminal operation. When the box leaves the terminal again, the tag is simply removed and used for the next container arriving. All data handled remain archived in the system and can be retrieved in the event of enquiries or insurance cases.

"Use of the CTAS Reefer facilitates substantial reduction of labour-intensive, manual checking and documentation input," explains Piworus. "Multiple data input is unnecessary, virtually eliminating any risk of errors in data recording. C. Steinweg not only has an uninterrupted record of the state of a reefer for the duration of its stay at the terminal, but with the box being checked every 15 minutes, also boosts both safety and customer satisfaction."

Last year C. Steinweg was able to attract three new customers for its multi-purpose terminal in Hamburg. In addition to conventional general cargoes, these are shipping more export reefer containers. "We therefore gave special attention to how to organize an optimal service for reefer containers," says Rainer Fabian, Managing Director of C. Steinweg (Süd-West Terminal) in Hamburg. "Automated high-frequency data collection enables us to guarantee maximum safety and security for sensitive reefer cargoes. Instead of going unnoticed, defective reefer aggregates or discontinuation of power supply are quickly reported and can be rectified immediately. Our trained, expert staff look after handling, connection and settings of reefer containers."

CTAS Reefer is the first system of this kind to be installed in the Port of Hamburg. Besides Hamburg, CTAS Reefer is already in service in the Netherlands, USA, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Argentina, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Colombia.

Kuehne + Nagel announces MoU with  to offer global logistics services

Kuehne + Nagel announces MoU with to offer global logistics services

Under the MoU, Kuehne + Nagel’s global logistics network and comprehensive capabilities will combine with Alibaba’s expertise in B2B e-commerce, to offer China based shippers leading e-commerce logistics solutions.

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Since more than a year,'s paid members in China have been able to instantly obtain quotations, book pickup and destination delivery services for airfreight consignments via Kuehne + Nagel's digital solution KN FreightNet on The e-commerce relationship has already been extended to include less-than-container-load (LCL) solutions as well.

Now, the strategic partnership will draw closer cooperation between the e-commerce giant and Kuehne + Nagel with intent to expand the scope of logistics services on offer in the near future to cover the various modes of transportation (air, sea, rail, overland) and contract logistics outside China.

Steve Su, Director of Logistics at, said: "We are pleased to partner with Kuehne + Nagel to offer our SME customers comprehensive logistics services, enabling them to capitalise on cross-border trade opportunities."

Wong Siew Loong, President North Asia Kuehne + Nagel, said: "We are excited to enter this MoU with bringing together Alibaba's e-commerce penetration with Kuehne + Nagel's worldwide
logistics capabilities. For Kuehne + Nagel, the establishment of this relationship is in line with our global strategy to digitalise logistics services in order to meet the evolving needs of customers today. We look forward to further developing this cooperation by expanding the scope of our e commerce logistics offering to Alibaba customers in the future."

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